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9 School Guidance Counselor Interview Questions and Answers

School guidance counselors provide students with help in breezing through school years, by offering them guidance and help. Because of the significance of their role, they are interviewed with great care. During an interview for a school guidance counselor position, an interviewer’s focus is usually on how much and how well the individual can help… Read More »

Guidance Counselor Resume Sample & Job Description

Commonly working in schools and colleges, guidance counselors assist students in achieving their academic goals. They confer with students to determine what their educational aims are and then provide them with assistance in developing their skills and abilities to achieve those goals. In addition, they help students understand their strengths and weaknesses and provide support… Read More »

5 Guidance Counselor Resume Objective Examples

Sitting on top of the resume, an objective statement is the first thing the reader reads about the candidate. The purpose of a guidance counselor resume objective statement is to introduce your candidacy. Here is a brief comparison that will help you differentiate between a well-written and a poorly-written resume objective: A well-written objective focuses… Read More »