4 Youth Counselor Interview Questions with Answers

Updated July 19, 2021
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Interviews scare us. The thought of failing when we are so close to being selected for a job can be overwhelming, especially during the interview procedure.

Our senses are heightened and fear is a definite enemy. However, it is at this point that you need to stay calm and be responsive. Because if you lose out during the interview, you might as well just say goodbye to the job.

Failing in a Youth Counselor interview does not signify that you do not know much about the work. It just means that you were at the wrong place at the wrong time. Or perhaps you came under pressure and made a few unforgivable mistakes.

Unfortunately, unless the interviewer knows you personally, he or she cannot gauge how good you are professional. And if your aim is to provide the interviewer with a positive picture of your professional standing, you have to exude confidence.

Practice standard interview questions as much as possible before you appear for an interview and you may never have to worry about confidence again.

For a youth counselor position, you can look through the following interview questions and answers:

Youth Counselor Interview Questions and Answers

1. Counseling is difficult and challenging. Why did you opt to work as a youth counselor, knowing the challenges?

Having been the route of domestic abuse myself, and eventually being rescued by a youth counselor, dedicating my life to this work made great sense to me. The fact that I have and will work towards the betterment of young adults and children so that they become responsible adults, is enough to make me want to work as a youth counselor.

2. Do you have a specific manner in which you deal with youngsters who have substance abuse problems?

Youngsters with drug abuse problems need to be dealt with in a completely different manner than those who have domestic issues. There are doctors’ reports to consider, detailed evaluations to be conducted and a psychological profile needs to be created. Drug abuse victims are the hardest to handle as most of the time, it is the drug that is doing the talking. I make sure that I perform a detailed analysis of all youngsters that I deal with before I create a plan of action.

3. On a scale of 1 to 10, 1 being nurturing and 10 being strict, where do you rate yourself as a youth counselor?

The scale reading will vary according to the case that I am handling. Too much nurturing or being excessively strict is no good. One has to keep a balance, keeping in mind individual cases and people.

4. Why do you think you are suitable for this position?

I have an unbreakable spirit. While I do feel the pain and suffering of children and young adults who have gone through trauma, I have the ability to keep myself as detached as possible, while remaining kind, patient and compassionate. A positive attitude towards life and a positive outlook help too.