Top 4 Youth Counselor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: April 18, 2021

All the effort that you put into your resume and cover letter was because you wanted to reach the interview stage successfully. And now that you have, you have to pass this stage with flying colors.

Interviews decide on your employment future. As a last stage in the job application process, it is the most important step. Make sure that you pay special attention to your preparation.

Unfortunately, we often end up with our foot in our mouth when it comes to interviews. The only problem is that we do not bother to prepare. You will be surprised at how much difference practice makes.

You may know your role perfectly but if you get cold feet during the interview, you will not be much good to the interviewer. Learning to stay calm is important. If you can stay calm, you have won half the battle.

A couple of mock interview sessions and you have the interview bagged! Look for possible questions that you may be asked. Make a list and begin answering them. Ask a friend to help you out by assuming the role of an interviewer. And you are ready for a grilling interview!

Here are some questions and answers for a youth counselor position that will help you in understanding the type of questions asked in an interview:

Possible Interview Questions and Answers for Youth Counselor

1. Why did you choose to build a career as a youth counselor?

Working with children and young adults comes naturally to me. An inherent part of my personality is my passion for resolving issues so that my clients can live a full life. And what better place to channelize my energies than work as a youth counselor!

2. What skills does a youth counselor need in order to be successful at this work?

Patience is the name of the game here. If you do not listen patiently, you cannot be successful. The ability to talk to youngsters without intimidating them and eliciting information that will be helpful in treating them is important.

3. What type of organizations have you worked in as a youth counselor? What other choices do you have?

I have worked in schools and correctional facilities. As far as choices are concerned, there is a constant need for youth counselors in juvenile detention centers, hospitals, residential homes, domestic violence centers, and private practices.

4. How do you plan assistance programs?

The first thing that I have to do is interview each client to determine his or her specific needs for assistance. For instance, if an individual has issues with drugs, I will concentrate on developing a specific program to help him deal with his addiction. Each plan that I design is in accordance with what my clients need specifically.