Sanitation Supervisor Job Description for Resume

Updated on: July 14, 2021

You will find it handy to have a job description in front of you before you attempt preparing your resume for a sanitation supervisor position.

While you may have worked as a sanitation supervisor for some time and probably know all that there is to know about sanitation in a food manufacturing company, it won’t hurt to refer to a detailed job description to help you with anything that you may be forgetting.

So, what does a sanitation supervisor actually do?

A sanitation supervisor works in a food manufacturing company where his main job is to ensure that all manufacturing practices are being done in accordance with sanitation protocols of the state, and those of the company.

It may seem like a fairly easy job but in actuality, it is quite cumbersome, as you really have to dig into things to make sure that processes are running properly and that people are working diligently to support the cause.

Job Description for Sanitation Supervisor Resume

• Create and distribute work schedules to sanitation workers and ensure that they follow their daily orders properly.
• Make facilities ready for food manufacturing processes by ensuring that pre-operational inspections are performed in a timely manner.
• Coordinate and verify cleaning responsibilities and ensure that any defaulting processes are stopped and reviewed.
• Perform inspections and implement corrective actions to ensure compliance with regulatory authorities and company protocols.
• Complete comprehensive evaluation of sanitation processes and practices and provide feedback for improvements or modifications.
• Train sanitation workers on an ongoing basis and document all training processes and procedures properly.
• Acquire the services of contracted sanitation personnel and coordinate their activities in sync with in-house workers.
• Monitor the mixing and use of chemicals to prevent misuse and hazards to personnel and property.
• Inspect plant or production area on a frequent basis to determine traces of vermin and ensure that any indication is investigated and handled appropriately.

Position Requirements

To work as a sanitation supervisor, one has to have great leadership skills, along with strong knowledge of how a food manufacturing facility is run in terms of production.

There are startup responsibilities that you need to handle appropriately and you also have to make sure that facilities are made ready before each process.

While you may be required to possess a high school diploma to be eligible for this job, many employers actually prefer hiring people who have a degree in some discipline of food sciences.

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