Manufacturing Supervisor Resume Objective Examples

Updated on: March 30, 2018

Any organization that manufactures products must hire supervisors to oversee its operations. Manufacturing supervisors are hired to direct the activities of employees who work on a manufacturing chain. They are required to ensure that all employees are following the correct protocols and that measures are being taken to ensure the safety of equipment, items, and people.

Manufacturing Supervisor Duties

Manufacturing supervisors are primarily responsible for creating employee schedules and ensuring that those schedules are followed. They also hire and train employees to work on the production chain and make sure that each employee is placed appropriately to prompt active work processes.

They are also responsible for inspecting raw materials to ensure that they conform to the right specifications and make sure that all equipment is correctly set up and adjusted in accordance to the process that needs to take place.

On a more deep level, manufacturing supervisors communicate job expectations to employees and appraise job results as well. They coach and counsel employees to ensure that each work process is carried out according to company policies and ensure that quality is maintained along the way. Manufacturing supervisors are required to keep themselves abreast of new technology as they are the first people to learn the ropes when new equipment is introduced to the company. Once they have had some hands-on experience, they prepare and present informational presentations to other employees so that they too can learn the use of new equipment.

In the event of personnel or equipment problems, manufacturing supervisors are expected to intervene and offer possible solutions. The work of a manufacturing supervisor dictates much responsibility which is why recruiters hire only the best and the very accomplished.

If you are trained in the manufacturing business and have some supervisory experience, you will be interested in the following objective examples for your resume.

Sample Objectives for Manufacturing Supervisor Resume

• To obtain a position as a Manufacturing Supervisor at Abbot Direct. Bringing strong capability of coordinating the activities in the machining areas and expertise in taking necessary action to assure performance goals are met

• To work as a Manufacturing Supervisor for Kohler utilizing knowledge of assigning appropriate tasks to the labor force and expertise in manufacturing processes to engender best possible results

• Seeking a position as a Manufacturing Supervisor with Tyco using experience in scheduling employees for production tasks and implementing procedures for production process improvement and effectiveness

• Looking for a position as a Manufacturing Supervisor for Crown where strong capability of supervising production activities and employees can be utilized to achieve high output levels

• To obtain employment as a Manufacturing Supervisor with Aero Space. Offering keen know-how of prioritizing production schedules and managing employees and resources to reach quality production goals