Sanitation Supervisor Cover Letter Sample

Updated on February 3, 2016

Did you know that cover letter writing is all about the wizardry of words on paper? You cannot run from the fact that good grammar and spelling is quite a turn on for hiring managers who want to hire people that can be great company representatives at all levels. This is a necessity. However, how good you are at the particular job that you are being hired for is also very important. So the wizardry actually runs beyond just good grammar and spelling.

Cover letters have to be great story tellers. If you write a cover letter without putting in a little spice, it might not stand out enough for the employer to want to hire you. While weaving long and boring accounts of how good you are isn’t going to get you the job, a little bit of bragging never hurts – after all, you need to be able to tell an employer something about yourself, and a little boasting helps!

Once you are fully aware of your strengths and accomplishments, you can begin the cover letter writing journey. Talk about ambitions, work objectives and previous accomplishments and you will realize that you have a lot to write about! If you need a cover letter sample to help you get started, refer to the one below:


Sanitation Supervisor Cover Letter Sample


Ethel Fox
542 Example Street
Newark, DE 11204
(000) 787-4121
ethelfox @ myemail. com

February 3, 2016

Mr. Joseph Rice
Hiring Manager
Dean Foods Company
8730 Moir Street
Newark, DE 10383


Dear Mr. Rice:

As an experienced sanitation supervisor who is known for meticulousness and hard work throughout the packaging industry, I can provide you with a solid system to support quality production of items, by managing all aspects dealing with sanitization of your company’s packaging department.

Some of my more profound skills lie in the following areas:

❖ Food Safety and Hygiene
❖ Facility Startup and Maintenance
❖ Chemical Usage and Dilution Rates
❖ Auditing and Process Modification
❖ Corrective Actions Implementation
❖ Sanitation Verification

To further elaborate on my skills (and associated achievements) in this role, I would like to meet with you in person. I will call you later in the week to determine if you are free to interview me next week. Thank you for your time and consideration.



Ethel Fox

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