Insulation Installer Resume Example

Updated on: September 10, 2021

An insulation installer resume is a brief overview of your skills, talents, and/or work experiences arranged in reverse chronological order.

How to Write a Perfect Resume for Insulation Installer job?

In order to make a good resume, you should:

  1. Select a logical resume format that complements your candidacy while highlighting the key features of your professional profile.
  2. Make it targeted by including only relevant information from your profile that relates directly to the Insulation Installer job.

Here is an example:

Insulation Installer Resume Sample

Gerald Bernard
116 Yale Avenue
Houston, TX 67404
(005) 333-2222
gerald . bernard @ email . com


Discreet and safety-minded Insulation Installer with a track record of installing new insulation systems, repairing pre-installed insulations, and shielding alternate energy systems. Excellent problem solver who has a profound ability to work at far-off customer locations in difficult weather conditions. Known for noticeably reducing energy costs by devising ingenious insulation strategies. Familiar with OSHA workplace safety guidelines.

Special talents include:
• Air Flow Management
• Electrical Diagnostics
• HVAC Insulation
• Energy Saving
• Weather Shielding
• Product Installation
• Alternative Energy Projects
• Loading/ Unloading
• Shield Installation
• Equipment Handling
• Spray Foaming
• PPE Usage


Insulation Installer
July 2013 – Present
Key Results and Achievements
• Devised an airflow monitoring mechanism that led to a 30% reduction in energy expenditure by avoiding air leakage.
• Saved $15K in terms of the annual repair cost of the installed HVAC systems through vigilant preventive maintenance of the same.
• Enhanced effectiveness of insulation projects by 22% through the introduction of computerized air pressure gauging equipment.
• Organized the tools and equipment in the company vehicle systematically and reduced dispatch time by 5 minutes per assignment on average.
Key Responsibilitiess
• Gather tools and equipment and travel to customer locations for insulation installation, troubleshooting and maintenance.
• Use various techniques for weatherization including spray foaming and weather shielding.
• Perform preventive maintenance of pre-installed insulations and calculate reduced energy costs.
• Maintain a record of all assignments carried out for billing purposes.

Insulation Installer Assistant
OP BUILD, Houston, TX
May 2010 – June 2013
Key Responsibilitiess
• Accompanied the Lead Installer to customer locations and set up weatherization and insulation systems.
• Repaired insulations in pre-installed heating and cooling systems and issued cost estimation for new installation projects.
• Maintained all tools and equipment in a proper manner and carried out any additional tasks assigned by the Foreman.

Diploma in Electrical Engineering

• Bilingual: English, Spanish
• Current driver’s license holder with a clean driving record