Hair Stylist Summary for Resume

Updated on: July 23, 2018

One of the best ways of giving your Hair Stylist resume a boost is to make sure that its opening is as amazing as the hiring manager wants it to be.

The opening – that is, the resume summary – needs to be spot on, engaging, and informational if you want it to make a positive first impression on the person who is reading it. Remember that it is this introduction that will make or break your chances to be considered for a position.

The Hair Stylist resume summary is indeed not rocket science. You may feel the need to research a little if you haven’t written one before, though. So here is what your research will show you:

✓ Resume summaries should neither be too long nor too short.

✓ It is essential to make a resume summary wholesome by writing all the important information regarding your skills and achievements in it.

✓ You must never talk about only yourself in the resume summary – focus on the employer rather than yourself.

✓ A good resume summary will get the hiring manager to read further, as opposed to a poorly written one, that is sure to put him or her off the document that he/she has in their hands.


So now that we are all on the same page regarding resume summaries, let’s have a look at some that can be used as samples to learn:

Summary Statements for Hair Stylist Resume

• Over 7 years of experience in cutting, trimming, and styling clients’ hair, according to the latest trends, and clients’ preferences. Well-versed in handling pre-styling activities, such as preparation including analyzing hair conditions, and managing cleaning and shampooing activities.

• Uniquely qualified Hairstylist with 9+ years’ extensive experience in managing busy hair salons. Expert in providing clients with their desired results in styling, managing supplies and inventory, and overseeing the operations of the salon. Ability to maintain quality services, with a special focus on ensuring repeat business.

• Competent, qualified, and hardworking individual, with over 10 years of experience in handling clients’ hair styling issues, according to their specific requirements. Documented success in retaining clients, through the delivery of excellent hair care and styling services.

• Exceptionally talented and skills hair stylist with 5+ years of exposure to creating aesthetically pleasing hairstyles for clients, in accordance with current trends, and clients’ specific instructions. A team player who works well in busy hair salons without direct supervision. Bilingual: English/Spanish.

• Top-performing Hairstylist with 10+ years’ successful track record of working in a busy hair salon. Exceptionally talented in providing hair styling services, while maintaining quality, to existing, and new clients. Proven ability to work in a team environment, and ensure delivery of consistently good services, aimed at increasing clientele.