Kitchen Cleaner Resume Sample

Updated May 22, 2017


The means to a kitchen cleaner job – the resume. The most important document in a kitchen cleanner job application set is a resume.

This is because it holds all the information that is necessary to highlight a candidate’s abilities.

You get your resume right and the rest will fall into place as well.

Following is a resume sample to help you along:



Kitchen Cleaner Resume Sample



Rebecca Holmes

744 Hill Drive | Fairhope, AL 21425 | (000) 458-7121 | reb.holmes @ email . co


Well-organized and competent cleaner with extensive comprehension of working as a kitchen cleaner in high-end hospitality organizations. Proficient in cleaning and maintenance and trash handling.

Maintains product inventory in an orderly fashion. Perfectly cleans large kitchen equipment such as ovens, grills, hot boxes and dishwashers.

Enjoys working in a team environment to meet the sanitation standards of facility.


✓ Inventory Management ✓ Cleaning and Maintenance ✓ Garbage Disposal
✓ Sanitation Practices ✓ Serving Assistance ✓ Errand-running
✓ Equipment Maintenance ✓ Hygiene Standards ✓ Food Preparation
✓ Storeroom Management ✓ Catering Support ✓ Manual Dishwashing


• Replaced the old kitchen disinfection routine with a new one, decreasing chances of contamination by 75%.
• Revamped the inventory process, introducing a new and more advanced manner of handling incoming deliveries.
• Introduced a series of sanitation processes, including a novel trash disposal technique.
• Successfully handled the work of 3 serving assistants, during a particularly busy weekend at the restaurant.


Blue Apron, Fairhope, AL | 2011 – Present
Kitchen Cleaner
• Clean and sanitize all kitchen surfaces including floors and counters
• Perform sweeping and mopping activities, ensuring safe and appropriate use of cleaning equipment and supplies
• Ascertain that all dishes and tableware are properly sorted and loaded into dishwashers
• Hand-wash dishes and utensils not suitable for dishwashers and ensure that they are properly stacked in racks
• Perform trash disposal duties, ensuring that the kitchen area is free of garbage at any given time of the day
• Assist food preparation workers with their work by cutting and chopping meats, fruits and vegetables
• Create and maintain inventory of supplies and food items and ensure that the storeroom is neatly stacked
• Perform general and preventative maintenance on kitchen equipment such as fridges, ovens, cookers, hot plates and dishwashers

Hoop Food, Fairhope, AL| 2007 – 2011
Kitchen Porter
• Performed sweeping and wiping activities to ensure that the kitchen areas was kept clean at all times
• Wiped clean surfaces such as counters, disposing off remnants of food items or supplies
• Ascertained that all required measures were taken to sanitize surfaces such as floors and counters within the kitchen
• Assisted in cleaning and maintaining kitchen equipment such as ovens, grills, fridges and hot plates on a regular basis
• Handled stock rotation duties and managed laundry collections and distribution work

Fairhope High School, Fairhope, AL – 2009
High School Diploma