6 Hotel Front Office Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 7, 2022

Creating an interview questionnaire isn’t easy.

Employers spend days, sometimes weeks to determine what type of questions to ask, and how to gauge a candidate on certain standards.

Since most employers make sure that the interview process is not designed to be easy, the impact of one is great on candidates. The solution to this is simple – practice.

When you are about to appear for an interview, make sure that you prepare well in advance.

Do not let the process go to waste as this waste of time and resources will also affect you.

To see what type of questions you may be asked for a hotel front office supervisor position, refer to the set below:

Hotel Front Office Supervisor Interview Questions and Answers

1. Why does a hotel need the services of a supervisor at the front desk?

The front desk of any hospitality service or facility projects a positive ( or negative) image of the company or organization. To ensure that all is under control and is happening according to protocol and standards, a front office supervisor is important to place here.

2. What have been your specific duties while working as a hotel front office supervisor in the past?

As a hotel front office supervisor, I have been responsible for ensuring that tier-1 services are provided properly. This includes overseeing guest relation officers in order to ensure that they greet guests with protocol and that reservations are properly managed. In addition to this, my responsibilities include making sure that check-in and check-out procedures are handled with precision and promptness, and any complaints are serviced immediately.

3. What skill set do you possess that makes you an excellent hotel front office supervisor?

I am an extremely organized individual with a solid track record of ensuring guest satisfaction at all times. Furthermore, I possess great insight into handling front desk operations including reservations, check-ins, and check-outs, and ensuring that all payment procedures are carried out effectively. Also, I am well-versed in managing problems and complaints to ensure repeat business opportunities.

4. On a scale of 1 to 10 (10 being the highest), where do you rate yourself as far as industry knowledge is concerned?

I would give myself a realistic 7. While I am knowledgeable about most of how the hospitality industry runs, there is always something new to dig my teeth into – and learn.

5. What is the one thing that you feel a hotel front office needs in order for it to run smoothly?

Well-placed systems are the basic requirement of a front office in a hotel environment.

6. If you weren’t working as a hotel front office supervisor, what would you have chosen to work as?

I believe that I am best suited for the position that I am presently working in. However, the second best would have been in hotel housekeeping.