Shop Worker Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 15, 2016


The mere idea of sitting across a panel of interviewers whose next step is to grill you intensely, is somewhat perturbing. However, this could be the start of something big.

Make it a point to shine at this stage and you will shine right into a new job – and that too one that you have always wanted!

Forget the fear and move forward by taking help from these sample interview questions and answers.


Shop Worker Interview Questions and Answers

What are the duties of a shop worker in a typical retail environment?
Shop workers provide customers with assistance in locating and choosing products and answering their queries about product features and benefits. They also lead customers through payment procedures and arrange for orders and deliveries to their homes or cars.

What qualifications do you believe are necessary to work as a shop worker?
It is imperative to possess a pleasant attitude and a detail oriented mind. Also, shop workers must possess deep insight into the company and its products if they want to be truly helpful to customers. Furthermore, they must be able to work with professionalism even if they are tired or under pressure.

Can you recount a time when you handled a customer well even though you were under a tremendous amount of pressure?
During Easter holidays last year, I was the only shop attendant working at the store. Oddly, there was a lot of rush of last minute shoppers. During this time, a regular customer felt ignored when I couldn’t pay him the attention that I usually did. So I gave him the leeway to choose anything from our website and offered to personally deliver it to his house by that afternoon. It seemed to make him happy.

How do you handle your stress when the going gets tough?
When the going gets tough, I really do get going! I have noticed that when there is a lot of pressure, I tend to become increasingly careful. And I know my limitations – I take a break when I know I cannot do justice to my work anymore.

What is your customer problem resolution mantra?
Listening intently is the first thing that I do. By doing this, I make sure that I understand the situation so I can fully investigate it. And then, according to what the company policy says, I try to resolve the issue and make amends.

If you were given the duties of stocking shelves, what procedure would you follow?
Unless I was instructed otherwise, I would follow the 4 Ps of marketing to handle shelf stocking duties. I would also check to see if any near expiry products are displayed and make sure that they are removed and replaced.