Special Education Teacher Resume [3 Samples + Duties]

Updated on: May 3, 2023

A resume for a special education teacher is your first introduction to the employer. If written precisely and appropriately, it can bring an interview.

To get the attention, you need to customize your resume as per the needs of the prospective employer. Add some quantified accomplishments that reflect your potential in special education teaching.

Get help from the following special education teacher resume examples.

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Special Education Teacher Resume Sample 1

Maria Wright
70 Greenlee Road, Mansfield, OH 00898
(000) 999-2121
maria.wright @ email . com


Record of implementing classroom programs that met the educational, social, and vocational needs of students with special needs.

Passionate Special Education Teacher with 10+ years’ verifiable track record of creating and implementing a predominantly designed curriculum for students with special needs. Highly effective in assisting students with specific learning disabilities, speech, or language impairments by providing intensive, individualized instruction.

• Proactive approach to implementing special education strategies and techniques during instruction to improve the development of sensory and perceptual skills.
• Documented success in instructing students using a variety of techniques such as phonetics and multi-sensory learning to meet students’ varying needs.
• Proven track record of planning and conducting activities for a balanced program of instruction to allow students to observe and question.
• Well-versed in teaching socially acceptable behavior by employing techniques in an overall positive behavioral support system.


Special Education Teacher 
Prospect Hill Academy, Mansfield, OH
11/2020 – Present
• Singlehandedly develop an interactive learning program based on individual student’s learning abilities, resulting in an increased positive response from the student body
• Train fellow special education teachers in using sign language with students with hearing and speech problems, which resulted in increased student confidence
• Create and implement a curriculum based on the individual requirements of each student enrolled in the special needs class
• Design, develop, and implement lesson plans to meet each special student’s requirements
• Assess each enrolled student to determine his or her individual capabilities and limitations
• Provide both direct and indirect instructional support to students by employing special education strategies and techniques
• Teach socially acceptable behavior by both instructing it and modeling it effectively

Special Education Teacher 
City Elementary School, Mansfield, OH
8/2018 – 11/2020
• Successfully handled adverse situations between students by acting as a mediator
• Decreased incidents of hyperactivity in students with diagnosed ADHD by introducing yoga as part of the class curriculum
• Established and implemented rules for acceptable behavior
• Ensured that the class environment is conducive to learning for all students
• Evaluated students through the implementation of non-standard testing techniques and document responses and results
• Conferred with parents to provide them with feedback regarding their children’s progress and limitations

Special Education Teacher Assistant 
Blackstone Valley Education, Mansfield, OH
2/2014 – 8/2018
• Assisted lead teachers in creating specifically targeted lesson plans for students with special needs
• Provided assistance in imparting lessons based on special education techniques approved by the school
• Enforced behavior standards and ensured that each student followed them appropriately
• Assisted students with special needs in understanding concepts individually and in groups
• Ascertained the overall safety and well-being of enrolled students by providing them with physical cover and emotional support

Bachelor’s Degree in Special Education
Ohio State University, Mansfield, OH

• Direct Instructional Support • Learning Reinforcement
• Objectives Establishment • Crises Intervention
• Interactive Instructional Techniques • Specialized Testing
• Lesson Development • Interest Stimulation
• Individualized Education Programs • Communication Plans
• Performance Assessment • Sign Language

Special Education Teacher Resume Example 2

John Doe
4 West Road, Mansfield, OH 54121
(000) 854-2121
john.doe @ email . com

Driven, friendly, and resourceful Special Education Teacher with 6+ years’ track record of efficiently teaching children with cognitive, behavioral, and physiological disabilities. A seasoned educationalist who has a strong background in adapting traditional curriculum into meaningful content for special needs students and devising innovative instructional strategies for implementation of the same.

• Reduced student dropout rate by 30% through the implementation of effective mainstream strategies.
• Collected $50K by organizing a fundraiser, enabling the school to purchase specialized AV aids to facilitate the teaching of special needs students.
• Identified a case of over-medication in a child with ADHD, and reported the same to the social services, saving the child from a further medical overdose.


Special Education Teacher
ABC Elementary School, Austin, TX
Aug 2021 – Present
• Assess each child for special needs and keep a record of the same.
• Develop and implement an individualized educational plan for each child.
• Develop self-care skills, confidence, and social skills among special needs children.
• Remain in constant communication with the children’s parents and other teachers regarding progress.
• Keep track of each child’s progress in learning and behavioral skills.
• Devise AV aids and special instructional strategies to cater to the unique needs of children.

Special Education Teacher Assistant
City School, Austin, TX
May 2017 – Jul 2021
• Provided one on one tutoring and coaching in small groups.
• Communicated home assignment details clearly to the students.
• Marked the assignments and test papers.
• Carefully observed and recorded the behavioral conduct of each student.
• Supervised children in their play and lunchtime.
• Maintained a cognitively stimulating classroom environment.

Bachelor’s Degree in Education
Community College, Austin, TX

• CPR and BCLS Certified
• Multilingual: English, French, and Spanish
• Computer: MS Word and Excel, Classroom Management Software

Special Education Teacher Resume Example 3
(Less Experience)

Gracy Signor
1234 Maple Avenue – Rapid City, SD 82828
(010) 000-9999

Self-motivated Special Education Teacher seeking a challenging role at ABC School. Bringing the ability to provide social, educational, and psychological support to children with special needs to enhance their self-esteem and make them valuable members of society.


  • Highly skilled in planning, organizing, and presenting activities to help students develop.
  • Able to design and use instructional, therapeutic, and skill development programs for assigned students.
  • A sensible individual who meets creates and implements proper instruction and learning plans, actions, materials, and tools.

• Lesson Planning
• Classroom Organization
• Test Designing
• Student Evaluation
• Lab Setup
• Record-keeping


Special Education Teacher Assistant
Rising Sun – Rapid City, SD
Jan 2022 – Present
• Provide direct services to students with special needs
• Organize and communicate class targets, objectives, and requirements and ensure their achievement
• Administer tests and conduct evaluations to understand the level and type of disability
• Prevent and intervene in student altercations and incidents to comply with the discipline
• Ensure all appropriate measures regarding all needs are being employed for students with special needs
Key Achievements
• Placed a team of 5 entry-level special education aides as part of a training workshop held at Rising Sun
• Achieved a 90% success rate in providing near-normal lives to students with special needs

Associate of Arts in Education
ABC College, Rapid City, SD – 2018
Majors: Special Education

• Profound ability to formulate eligibility recommendations for students
• Able to communicate effectively with parents, supervisors, and staff
• Proven record of making decisions in accordance with board policies and established procedures

Job Description for Special Education Teacher Resume

  • Evaluated special students’ knowledge and skills to establish their strengths.
  • Prepared the courses for presentation to students in keeping with the approved curriculum.
  • Taught students using a methodical plan of lessons, discussions, audio-visual presentations, and field trips.
  • Guided students in activities to develop their physical, mental, and social deficiencies.
  • Worked together with teachers to modify lessons to meet the requirements of special education students.
  • Built up Individualized Education Programs (IEPs), which outline the services and accommodations every student will receive.
  • Prepared, administered, and corrected tests.
  • Developed changeover plans that draw services to assist students as they graduate.
  • Ensured that students are receiving the best services.
  • Met with parents and administrators to discuss students’ progress.
  • Directed teacher assistants to make sure that they have the skills and information needed to work with students with special needs.

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