2 Physical Education Teacher Cover Letter Samples

Updated on: June 13, 2021

Physical education teachers are required to promote health and physical fitness amongst students within an educational facility. They provide students with information on how to facilitate this by use of equipment and activities.

If you are looking to work as a physical education teacher, you will need to write a cover letter as well as a resume.

In order to write a good resume, you have to relate your competencies with the job description provided by the employer.

The following 2 cover letter samples will guide you further.

Physical Education Teacher Cover Letter Sample 1

637 Richman Road
Hudson, NH 80022

June 12, 2021

Ms. Sophia Williams
Hudson High School
7820 Candia Road
Hudson, NH 55012

Dear Ms. Williams:

I am interested in speaking with you regarding a physical education teacher position with your school. My hands-on experience, as well as my physical education certification, have prepared me well to make a significant contribution to the fitness of children at your school. 

As a physically dexterous individual with a profound ability to motivate students towards physical fitness and games, I am confident that I am the right person for this position. In addition to my strong organizational and management skills, I also have an innate ability to manage students for coaching purposes. Furthermore, I possess the capability to set and hold students to high academic, behavioral, and character standards by teaching them the discipline that comes with planning and executing physical education lessons.

The enclosed resume speaks volumes about my ability to work in this capacity. I would like to discuss the possibility of my working at the Physical Education Teacher position at Hudson High School. I will call you next week to follow-up and set up a time for a meeting and can be reached at (008) 888-8888 if you need any further information from me.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


Brook Hemingway

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Physical Education Teacher Cover Letter Sample 2

David Mason
473 Spring Lane
Greensboro, NC 56773
(000) 623–9565
david . mason @ email . com

June 12, 2021

Mr. Alfred Mattson
HR Manager
Little Bloomer’s Academy
77 Harley Street
Greensboro, NC 56773

Dear Mr. Mattson:

Are you seeking a Physical Education Teacher who is committed to instilling the importance of lifelong health and fitness among children and also brings hands-on experience in coaching competitive teams for various sports at the national level? If yes, then my profile will definitely interest you.

Having joined the physical education profession passionately 6 years ago, I enjoyed an excellent reputation in physical education instructional planning and implementation, team development, and coaching. My competencies include:

  • 6 years of hands-on experience in developing PE curricula for various age levels
  • Able to adapt to the curriculum effectively to engage special needs children in physical training programs
  • Competent at managing the assigned time to achieve instructional goals
  • Highly knowledgeable of developmentally appropriate physical milestones for children at growing age
  • Well-versed in devising instructional strategies to cater to individual needs

I strongly believe that a healthy and active lifestyle plays a vital role in children’s cognitive and emotional development in addition to their physical growth. Keeping the students motivated and inculcating a deep sense of sportsmanship which is also extended into their curricular activities and practical lives have been my biggest strengths in this role and I offer the same expertise and dedication to your vacancy.

I look forward to meeting with you and also intend to follow up on my application next Monday. Please call me now to set up an interview appointment as per your convenient availability. I’d be glad to answer any queries regarding my background and qualifications at (000) 620-9654.

Thank you for your time and consideration.


David Mason

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