An objective statement is usually needed for entry level Special Education resumes and also for resumes of candidates attempting a career change. It replaces the profile summary in specific cases. Being the foremost part of a Special Education Resume, particular attention should be given to these statements.

In general, a career objective states the candidate’s skills and potential to use in favor of the prospective organization. If you want to make an attention grabbing objective statement, you should include the most required skills in it.


Sample Objectives for a Special Education Resume

An ideal career objective is the one that targets the employing organization by stating some of the required skills in the objective statement and supporting it with mention of relevant experience.

• Seeking a position as a special education assistant with XYZ School. Bringing extensive experience in specialized curriculum designing, handling mainstream education of special individuals and providing one to one counseling.

Entry Level Special Education Objectives

For basic entry level positions, it is best to keep the objective very concise and to the point. In such cases the aim is to land focus on the qualifications section. Go for this type of objective if you have a strong qualifications section in your resume:

• To obtain a position as a Special Education Teacher at ABC School District utilizing skills in coaching the students with special needs, vocational guidance and personalized curriculum designing and management.

• To secure the position as a special education trainer and bring about positive changes in lives of individuals studying at XYZ via demonstration of expertise in life coaching, basic learning skills reinforcement and effective parent teacher interaction.

• To seek a position in the field of special education aiming to utilize acquired expertise in the fields of: vocational counseling, behavioral training, special curriculum designing and implementation for the enhancement of the hiring organization.

Profile Based Objectives

Sometimes the candidate has more experience and skills to showcase and wishes to incorporate these in an objective statement instead of a profile summary. For such cases, following examples have been designed to serve as guideline.

• A seasoned and committed special education professional. Offering demonstrated ability to teach special children and individuals to enhance their academic and general performance and make them an integral part of society.

• Talented and Personable special education expert and counselor with 5+ years’ hands-on experience with children to different socioeconomic backgrounds. Seeking work in the same capacity at Houston County School. Particularly effective in psychometric testing and assessment, and conducting teacher trainings in the field. Well practiced in collaborating with parents and teachers to monitor the progress of mainstream cases.

The above statements showcase various styles that are popular these days. These are meant to serve as samples. Using these examples, you can create your own career objectives using the same pattern by adding your own job relevant skills.