Internet Marketing Specialist Cover Letter Sample

Updated October 12, 2016

Either, you are talented to write a brilliant cover letter or you don’t! There is no in-between! If you know exactly what it is going to take to impress a prospective employer into hiring you immediately, by all means, go ahead and write it! If not, do some research and write one. In either case, read what we have to say.

Cover letters have evolved quite a bit since the first ever cover letter was written. As opposed to the once very professional sounding and straight cover letters, the ones that are written in these days of tough competition and no-nonsense attitudes, are a class apart. Even employers who have a no-nonsense attitude do not much like looking at clichéd sentences stating that you are a great person and they must hire you. You need to convince them through your writing that you are indeed a great contender for a job, and will bring in customer satisfaction and increased business – where applicable.

The point of writing a cover letter is to create a mystery surrounding you so that you are perused, and finally hired by employers who understand your worth. Want to see how this can be done? Do not stop reading!


Internet Marketing Specialist Cover Letter Sample


569 White Ave
Bothell, WA 54114

October 12, 2016

Mr. Thomas Cruise
Hiring Manager
Grace Internet Solutions
65 180th Street
Bothell, WA 06321


Dear Mr. Cruise:

Let me help you in brainstorming new and creative growth strategies by applying my skills and experience in internet marketing arena. As an experienced professional online marketer, I have the insight required to plan and execute all web, SEO, marketing database, email, social media and display advertisement campaigns that your company will require to stay abreast of the competition.

Optimizing user experience and focusing on marketing strategies to ensure that the company’s presence is “out there” for everyone to see, is my forte. My skills in creating and executing drip marketing programs by making good use of sophisticated marketing automation software, is also a self-credit that I boast of. With a great ability to work proactively to develop social media presence, drive traffic to websites, monitor company’s online reputation and evaluate emerging technologies, I am positive that my addition to your organization will prove to be fruitful.

If you require further insight into my work and its success, please feel free to contact me at (000) 941-3754.



Peter Anderson

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