Kmart Stock Associate Job Description and Duties

Updated on: December 25, 2022

Position Overview

As one of the biggest chains of departmental stores in the USA, headquartered in Hoffman Estates, Illinois, Kmart has high standards when hiring stock associates.

A stock associate at Kmart is responsible for ensuring that the assigned floor is kept well-stocked and looks as presentable as possible. It is the duty of a stock associate to make sure that shelves are properly stocked, and that all items are rotated and appropriately faced.

Position Requirements

Typically, you will be required to possess a high school diploma or a GED at the very least, if you want to work as a stock associate at Kmart.

Skills & Abilities

Working as a Kmart stock associate requires moderate physical activity – to work at this position, you must be friendly, courteous, and amiable to both coworkers and customers with whom you come in contact.

Some of the skills that you will need to work at this position include exceptional customer service abilities, knowledge of stocking and rotating procedures, and the ability to handle inventory management duties.

While customer contact may be minimum in the position of a stock associate, there might be times when you have to interact with them, especially if you are rotated within the store. For this, you need to possess deep knowledge of each product that the company offers so that you can manage demonstrations, and answer questions.

Here is a list of specific duties that you will be performing while working as a stock associate at Kmart:

Kmart Stock Associate Duties and Responsibilities

• Straighten shelves on a constant basis to ensure a tidy and maintained look of the store.
• Ensure that all products are properly stacked, in accordance with the 4 Ps of marketing, or other such standards.
• Obtain tracking orders for products unavailable at the front end and pick and transport them to the store.
• Receive merchandise from suppliers and compare receiving lists with items actually received.
• Ensure that all received items are properly stacked and stored in appropriate storage areas.
• Assist in designing and setting up visual displays and designs on shelves, counters, or tables in a bid to attract customers.
• Take inventory of present items and examine shelves to determine which items need to be replenished.
• Provide support to the sales team during selling processes to ensure high customer satisfaction levels.
• Process repairs and damages in a timely manner and in accordance with company guidelines.
• Pack, handle and store merchandise according to the standards of Kmart.
• Assist customers in locating their choice of merchandise and lead them through payment procedures, in the absence of a sales associate.