Special Education Aide Paraprofessional Resume Sample

Updated December 1, 2021
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A special education aide (also known as Paraprofessional) is responsible for supporting and assisting the lead teacher and students

. They need to ensure that the lessons are taught accurately as they were designed. 

If any of the students do not recognize the lesson or action, a Special Education teacher’s aide assists them and gives extra coaching.

They also help in:

  • Collecting and organizing classroom material
  • Using body language when the teacher is speaking, if there are deaf students in the classroom
  • Helping students with activities they might not be capable of doing for themselves, for example using the bathroom, or washing their hands.

Below is a good sample resume for this position which will assist you to build or update your resume. 

Also, see this Special Education Aide Cover Letter or this paraprofessional cover letter to make a perfect job application.

Special Education Aide Paraprofessional Resume Example

John Smith
21 Valley Street, Houston, TX 98777
(000) 999-6521


A flexible, dependable, and punctual individual who is known to maintain productive relationships with students, teachers, and parents.

Accomplished Paraprofessional with 10+ years’ progressive experience working with physically and intellectually disabled children. Proficient in assisting teachers with varied activities, carrying out instructional programs based on the Individual Education Plan (IEP), and preparing instructional materials and reports for the lead teacher. Friendly and outgoing; work collaboratively for the development and well-being of students.

• Observing and recording student behaviors
• Supervising and assisting students in the toilet, and on and off of the school buses
• Maintaining records and charting student progress
• Using general office equipment and machines
• Helping children with feeding and daily life skills


ABC School, Houston, TX 
May 2016 – Present
Special Education Aide

• Support the lead teacher in preparing instructional materials and classroom displays.
• Help students with physical or behavioral disabilities; move, lift, and position them.
• Help students with feeding, toileting, and personal hygiene.
• Maintain a tidy and fully organized classroom.
• Create and manage records using a database.
• Handle secretarial files and prepare reports.
• Provide compass reading and assistance to substitute teachers.
• Work with individual students or little groups to develop skills and conduct instructional exercises allocate by the teacher.
• Supervise students in the lunchroom, bus, and playground.
• Inform lead teacher of any particular needs or problems of students.

Adams Community School, Houston, TX
July 2011 – May 2016

• Oversaw arrival and departure of students.
• Monitored students in the dining hall, restroom, hallway, playground, field trips, and school assemblies.
• Provided ongoing support to the special education teacher.
• Supervised students independently and in small groups.
• Prepared a weekly agenda with the help of the teacher.
• Amassed materials, programs, and equipment before the arrival of the students.
• Assisted teacher with official statement boards, repetition of materials and grading tests.
• Prepared student charts, work folders, and other secretarial duties as assigned by the educator.

Houston City College, Houston, TX 
Associate’s Degree in Education
Major: Special Education

Non-Violent Crisis involvement Training

Texas State Educational Aide Certificate
First Aid and CPR

• MS Office Suite
• Classroom Applications
• Database Management

• Bilingual: English and Spanish
• Able to maintain emotional control under stress

“I efficiently manage the needs of children with different kinds of disabilities.” 

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