Lead Server Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: December 24, 2020

Your Lead Server cover letter is an insight into you as an individual and as a professional. And this is why it is imperative that you make it a great read. Although it is not everyone’s ballgame to write a cover letter that indeed makes an impact, there are a lot of resources available to help you do this.

A well-written cover letter for the Lead Server position can go a long way in impressing a hiring manager into hiring you immediately.

One that is written in a hurry shows what your priorities are.

Believe it or not, hiring managers to pick up how much time and effort you have spent on writing a cover letter. And if your effort is not sufficient, it will show up in how the content is created.

This is why it is important to research things a bit, and then write a cover letter that is as near-perfect as possible.

The following cover letter sample will help you:

Sample Cover Letter for Lead Server Position

December 24, 2020

Mr. Howard Cage
Human Resource Manager
The Hyatt
8138 Bend Road
Rock Springs, WY99978

Dear Mr. Cage:

Through the grapevine, I came across the information that Spot (Hyatt’s most famous restaurant) is looking for a lead server. As luck would have it, I was also in search of a similar position, and could not help but match what I have to offer with what you need in a person at this position. If you go through the enclosed resume, I am sure that you too will agree with me that this match is phenomenal.

Over 7 years of experience working as a lead server at Robb’s Fine Dining has made me an excellent person to hire as one at Spot. Because I am highly experienced in leading a team of servers to ensure high-quality services to patrons, I will be an instant hit at your organization.

With my ability to take and record orders, and ensure that they are expedited and served within provided timelines, I am confident that I will be a credit to your restaurant. As someone who has been asked not just to lead a team of servers but also provide well-placed training to them, I am positive that the team of servers at the restaurant will be happy to receive constructive input from me.

I would love to meet with you in person and provide you with more information on what my capabilities in a lead server position are. I will contact you soon and can be reached at (000) 333-3333 if you need any further information.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you.


Eric Robertson