While you enjoy your meal in an upscale restaurant, you may have noticed people quietly working in the background. If you pay attention, you will notice that these are bussers who are always busy making sure that tables are ready for the next swarm of expected customers. In some restaurants, waiters take up the responsibility of bussing tables but in busier restaurants, bussers are especially hired to handle this task.

Look at this way; a busser is basically hired to dedicatedly bus tables and that is usually all that they have to do. As soon as guests are done with their meal and have left, a busser will rush to change the table cloth and reset the table with flatware and dishware. At times, bussers also double as waiters especially on a busy day or in the event of a waiter not turning up for work. This is the reason that bussers are not only trained in bussing tables but also in handling the work of a waiter. Bussers do not only lay tables but may also be responsible for managing a buffet table; replenishing food and drinks and ensuring that there are enough plates and flatware is all in day’s work for them.

To work as a busser, there are certain skills that one has to possess. Some of these skills are listed below.

Sample Skills and Abilities for Busser Resume

• Exceptional service orientation aimed at total customer satisfaction

• Proven ability to work in fast paced and busy environments

• Well-versed in laying tables with appropriate dishware and flatware

• Track record of working efficiently in a service oriented hospitality environment

• Demonstrated ability to respond  to guests’ requests appropriately in order to provide efficient service

• Excellent communication skills aimed at assuring efficient seating and table utilization

• Physically dexterous to stoop and bend to perform a busser’s duties

• Special talent for handling “side work” duties at the end of each shift

• Strong knowledge of using cleaning materials by following best practices

• Profound ability to prepare soups and salads in the absence of chefs or during rush hours

• Documented success in laying buffet tables with required condiments and dishware and flatware

• Committed to high quality customer service targeted at generating return business and customer retention

• Able to work appropriately under pressure

• Eager to work in a team environment with a great focus on delivering service excellence

• Known for handling bussing duties in a manner that minimizes seating and service delays