People working as tier-one employees, such as a waiter, carry loads of responsibilities on their shoulders. As they are the face of the organization, they are responsible for depicting a positive image. Since waiters greet customers as they arrive, they are responsible for ensuring recurring business by providing service excellence.

Waiters work at hotels and restaurants where their main job is to greet customers, escort them to their tables, provide menus and take orders. They coordinate their work with other waiters, servers, bartenders, managers and kitchen staff to ensure customers receive the best services. Waiters are expected to provide customers with information on daily specials and deals and often suggest food items. They offer welcome drinks to customers and serve drinks according to customers’ personal preferences.

The food service and hospitality industry prefer only the best applicants in terms of manners, personal appearance, etiquette and skills. When a waiter is hired, an employer makes sure that the applicant understands the description of this demanding job in a high volume environment.

If you are preparing for an interview or preparing a resume for the position of a waiter, the following job duties may come in handy for your preparation:

Waiter Job Description for Resume

• Greet customers and seat them according to their preferences
• Offer welcome drinks and beverages
• Fill water glasses and refill beverages
• Offer appetizers and alcoholic drinks
• Take orders and provide information about menu items
• Suggest menu items when requested by the customer
• Relay patrons’ orders to the kitchen
• Ensure that the order is prepared according to the menu
• Ensure order quality and quantity prior to serving
• Serve meals and side dishes
• Deliver food carts to designated areas
• Ensure that continued service is managed during the course of the meal
• Keep a constant eye on the table to gauge needs and fulfill them immediately
• Total customers’ check and take it to them
• Accept payment in cash and credit card
• Clear table and clean table tops
• Change table cloths and clear dishes and flatware
• Carry dishes and flatware to the kitchen
• Ensure that all tables replenished with eating dishes
• Collect menus at the end of the shift