8 Busser Interview Questions and Answers

Updated February 21, 2021
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If you are appearing for an interview for a position in the foodservice industry, you better get your guards up!

Interviews for such busser positions are hard to ace as the focus is almost always on customer service-orientation.

Read up on what the company specifically wants in an individual for a busser position before the interview.

Here is a set of busser interview questions and answers to help you along:

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Busser Interview Questions and Answers

1. Do you think that bussers should be hired specifically for handling bussing duties or it is alright for hosts/waiters or servers to perform them?

I believe that hiring a busser to handle table-setting and clearing and assisting with other foodservice work is an excellent idea. This takes the burden off busy waiters and servers who already have a lot on their plates (no pun intended) and provides them with an opportunity to excel at customer service provision.

2. What specific duties have you performed as a busser in a previous position?

As a busser, I have handled duties such as clearing away tables after patrons leave and ensuring that all soiled dishes, glasses, and flatware are delivered to the kitchen. Apart from this, it has been my duty to change tablecloths, sanitizes surfaces, and add fresh place settings. In many instances, I have assisted waiters and servers by relaying orders to the kitchen area, following up on orders, and providing physical support in carrying large orders to the customer.

3. Have you ever worked as a busser in a banquet setting? How is it different from your work in a restaurant setting?

Yes, I have worked as a busser in a banquet setting. While the main work is the same, banquets require a little more attention than tables in restaurants do. This is because a busser has to be constantly available and aware of what is needed at the banquet table due to the influx of patrons– and provide it immediately. In a restaurant setting, a busser can do his job and then wait for customers to leave so that he can continue with the rest.

4. What skills do you possess that make you an excellent candidate to work as a busser?

I am quick on my feet and very detail-oriented. Also, my customer service skills are polished as I have worked in a customer-oriented environment for quite some years. Being physically strong makes it easy for me to carry heavy objects such as trays, and I am well-versed in determining the needs of customers/patrons due to my extensive exposure to working in a food service environment.

5. If you were to fill in for a waiter, would you be able to handle it?

I believe so. I have filled in for absent waiters 6 times before and no one has noticed the difference!

6. How would you handle a demanding customer who was not happy with the way his table was “bussed”?

There are certain standards that bussers follow when bussing tables so problems always never occur. But since human errors are possible, I would apologize if such an incident occurred and follow restaurant protocols to make amends for it.

7. Can you work as part of a team? Provide examples.

I have a solid track record of working collaboratively with other team members. At ABC Restaurant, I worked actively with other bussers, waiters, and kitchen staff. My supervisors recognized me as a dedicated and fun team-player.

8. Do you think you can meet the physical requirements of this job?

Yes! I am dexterous to lift heavy trays while standing for extended periods.