How to Write a Great Resume for a Security Officer

Updated May 4, 2019

Security officers are law enforcement individuals who are responsible for maintaining safe environments for the people of the vicinity that they work in.

They are expected to secure premises, monitor surveillance equipment to follow and report any unsavory activity and also inspect buildings and premises to ensure no unlawful acts are being committed.


It is essential for a security officer to possess skills that are particular to this position to be able to work effectively and do his job justice.

When applying for a job, a security officer will need to make sure that he puts in just the right information that will help him get a job interview at the very least.

Once the placement of the name and contact information of the applicant is decided, you can go on to the next equally important sections.




It is imperative that you specify a targeted objective of the security officer position at a specific company. You should say that you are applying for a Security Officer position so that you can use your skills in law enforcement activities to provide the citizens with a secure environment.

Qualifications, Skills, and Strengths

This section is quite important as it tells the employer your entire capability in a nutshell. Let him know you are self-motivated and a self-starter. Specify the fact that you are a people person and that your reflexes are well honed. You must also specify that your physical dexterity leaves nothing to be desired.


An employer is most likely to choose you (or not) based on what you have achieved throughout your career. You may have apprehended a criminal by using wit and good investigative sense or you could have prevented a robbery from happening.

Work Experience

It is a good idea to specify what your specific job duties were in a previous place of work. Be thorough and be honest. Tell the prospective employer how you managed patrolling responsibilities and how you used various equipment to help you. Make sure that you specify the name of your last employer, the job title you held and the number of years you worked there. Add any certifications or training that you may have acquired.


This is the standard section of a security officer resume. You need to mention your education and relevant certifications here. If you are entry level candidate having no experience, you may shift this section immediately below your objective.

Put all these sections together in order to make an understandable and comprehensive resume for the Security Officer position.

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