So you are ready to apply for your first job as a security guard. Thinking to write an attractive cover letter, but still not sure what content and phrases to add in it? Although writing a security guard cover letter may take time, it is undeniably an imperative document for an entry level job search. Almost all employers these days require job applicants to submit both a cover letter along with a resume.

A cover letter for a security guard resume has the capacity to explain the things that a resume just cannot portray. This is especially true in a situation when you have no prior experience or have large gaps between education and employment which cannot be explained in a resume; a well-written cover letter can easily cope with this situation and explain to the employer just why the gaps exist.


Cover Letter for Security Guard – No Experience


9 Algaroba Street
Honolulu, HI 77722

February 18, 2015

Mr. Jeremy Collins
HR Manager
Accucheck Guard Services
8 N King Street
Honolulu, HI 71222


Dear Mr. Collins:

I am interested in applying for the position of a Security Guard at Accucheck Guard Services, as advertised on your website yesterday. After reading the job description in detail, I realized that I am the perfect candidate that you are looking for. My training and public safety skills will enable me to contribute immensely to the reputation of Accucheck Guard Services.

As a graduate from the SSE Training School, I am knowledgeable of all applicable Hawaii’s state laws and local ordinances. I am well-versed in various procedures and protocols that need to be kept in mind when performing patrolling services. Additionally, my training has instilled in me strong knowledge of popular alarm systems and I am savvy in operating them. Since working at this position requires a lot of physical and mental dexterity, I posses the ability to perform activities that require continuous visual and physical effort.

I am quite excited about this opportunity and would like to discuss how I can make a positive contribution to Accucheck Guard Services. The job listing for this position says that you will be receiving applications till the end of this month; I intend to call you after this time period in order to secure an interview. If you would like to speak to me in the interim, I am available any time on my cell phone at (333) 333-333.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Max Mc Milan

Enc. Resume