How to Write a Cover Letter for Cleaning Job? Complete Guide

Updated on: April 19, 2022

A well-written and professional-sounding cover letter for a cleaning job can make all the difference between a success and a lost opportunity.

Cover letters are instrumental in finding the cleaner job of your choice as they are usually the first document a prospective employer sees.

Therefore, it is imperative to write just the right and targeted content in it.

Cleaner cover letters need to be professionally written since they are used as an icebreaker with an employer.

It is also important to ensure that they hold just the information that an employer will need in order to process an application.

Let us take the example of writing a cover letter for a cleaning job.

What kind of information will a cleaner put in his cover letter?

To understand this, we first must understand what a cleaner’s skills are in terms of cleaning and maintenance.

.A cleaner needs to be a very efficient person which is why he will need to specify what his skills are.

Cleaner Cover Letter Format


After the usual (and much needed) address information and salutation, you need to start your cover letter by describing or pointing out two or three of your relevant skills.

You can say that you are extremely detail-oriented and has a sound knowledge of cleaning practices and chemicals.


In the next paragraph, he will need to chart out what your skills can do for the employer.

You may say that you have a profound knowledge of using cleaning materials and solutions in a safe manner and according to state rules and regulations.

Since the need to sell your abilities is most important in this paragraph, it is crucial to craft out what an individual’s skills set can do for the company.

If you have specialized knowledge of cleaning processes and safety procedures, you must put them in your cover letter.


On an ending note, reiterate your enthusiasm and tell the employer you would like to meet him. Ask for a suitable time for an interview and also tell him when you will follow-up.

After all, a cover letter can never make as much an impression as the person writing it!