Senior Secretary Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: September 19, 2019

Senior Secretary Cover Letter Page ImageSecretary positions are not limited to one industry, they exist in almost every field of work.

Although the general tasks of a secretary are pretty much standard, it is essential to familiarize yourself with the keywords prevalent in the specific industry.


These keywords must also be incorporated in a Senior Secretary cover letter since this practice will serve two purposes.

Firstly, it will communicate the reader that you know something about the industry and re familiar with the common terminology used by the employers.

Secondly, it will optimize your Senior Secretary cover letter for the search engines. Therefore, the chances of your cover letter and resume being picked up electronically will enhance.

A senior secretary cover letter must reflect that you are a dependable person who has exceptional time management, office organization, and customer service skills.


Make sure you craft the introduction and the ending extra appealing to have a better impression on the reader.

Here is a senior secretary cover letter sample to give you the idea how to write one.

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Senior Secretary Cover Letter Sample


Lilly Dexter
211 North West Sq
Concord, MA 65001
(003) 555-3333
lilly @ email .com

September 19, 2019

Mr. Fredrick Grayson
HR Manager
IJH Enterprises
688 Sullivan Ave
Concord, MA 65001


Dear Mr. Grayson:

Does IHJ Enterprise seek a senior secretary who:

✔ Is competent in calendar keeping and appointment scheduling?

✔ Brings a track record in organizing large scale meetings and conferences effectively inclusive of travel and stay arrangements?

✔ Is proficient in administrative assistance, online database management and correspondence handling?

If yes, then my enclosed resume will interest you. I firmly believe that my background as a secretary, coupled with a proven ability to negotiate and communicate at various levels render me the best candidate.

I am accustomed to fast-paced environments where deadlines are always a priority, and multitasking is the norm. I enjoy challenging tasks and enjoy striving for the given targets.

My ability to organize the office while keeping all data files updated and handling the executives’ diary efficiently could come in very handy. With fluency in English and Spanish, I believe my multilingual skills could also come in handy in front desk handling.

I’d like to meet with you in order to learn more about your company’s goals and establish how I can contribute to their fulfillment. To schedule an interview, I will call your secretary after a few days.

Thank you for your time and consideration, and I look forward to hearing from you shortly,




Lilly Dexter