Photographer Resume Example

Updated July 31, 2021
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For creative and talent-based positions, such as that of a photographer, it is imperative that your resume is a little more than just good.

At such a position, expectations of the employer will be high and it is up to you to live up to them.

For many people, photography usually comes as a hobby which at times turns into great career.

So when you write a resume to apply for a photography position, make sure that you do not put in any irrelevant information that has nothing to do with photography.

Here is how you can write a resume for a photographer position:

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Sample Resume for Photographer Position

William Allen
55 7th Street, Wellston, OH 77895
(000) 914-7456
William.allen @ email . com


I am a passionate and creative photographer who can provide excellent customer service using photography and communication skills.

Aesthetic-minded Photographer with a novel approach to photography, with the view to developing a broad range of visual pieces to meet business and program objectives. Highly experienced in using advanced digital photography equipment to meet clients’ individual photography needs.

• Demonstrated ability to adjust apertures, shutter speeds, and camera focus by considering subject motion and lighting.
• A methodical individual who is familiar with using traditional and digital cameras along with supporting equipment such as tripods and flash attachments.
• Special talent for determining picture composition by selecting and adjusting subjects and backgrounds properly.


Lifetouch, Wellston, OH
• Introduce the concept of photo booths for children’s birthday parties, resulting in increased revenues.
• Successfully shot a fashion show, receiving high accolades from the organizers.
• Confer with 20+ clients per day to determine their photography needs.
Take high-quality photos of couples, children, and pets, both indoor and outdoor, increasing the client base by 10% per month.
• Retouch and color correct using Adobe software.
• Build professional relationships with customers, making them repeat clients.
• Actively provide clients with suggestions on backgrounds.
• Professionally answer the phone to schedule appointments with clients and resolve their issues.
• Adjust photography equipment such as apertures, shutter speeds, and camera focus in accordance with factors such as light and field depth.
• Select and adjust subjects to ensure that desired effects are achieved.
• Estimate and measure light levels and distances using measuring devices.

ABA Inc, Wellston, OH
• Suggested the use of demure lighting for a documentary shoot, the stills for which came out stunning, with one photograph winning the National Photography Award.
• Retouched a 50-year-old photograph by working on it for 3 days, producing results that enhanced the beauty of the background it was shot in.
• Captured shots according to program directives or clients’ specific instructions.
• Developed and printed exposed film.
• Managed touchup needs of each print.
• Produced images in digital forms using flatbed scanners in photofinishing laboratories.

Photographer Assistant
Photographic Majors, Wellston, OH
• Assisted in setting up cameras and related equipment such as tripods and flashes.
• Provided support in creating compositions for photographs by ensuring that subjects were properly placed.
• Arranged props and costumes for specific photography projects.
• Assisted in capturing images and handling exposure methods for printing purposes.
• Scanned images to create digital formats and ensured that they were properly stored.
• Cleaned and maintained cameras and other related equipment to ensure their safety and long-term use.

High School Diploma
Wellston High School, Wellston, OH – 2005
• Worked as an active member of the school photography club
• Voluntarily photographed many school events and received recognition from staff

• Equipment Testing • Composition Building
• Image Enhancement • Film Exposure
• Retouching • Photofinishing
• Equipment Maintenance • Image Editing
• Independent Shoots • High-Quality Shots
• Catalog Descriptions • Photo Booth Setup

• Adobe Photoshop
• MS Word and Excel
• Social Media

By using my creativity and attention to detail, I will definitely surpass your expectations.