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Updated on April 5, 2016

For talent-based positions, such as that of a photographer, it is imperative that your resume is a little more than just good. At such a position, expectations of employer will be high and it is up to you to live up to them. For many people, photography usually comes as a hobby which at times turns into great careers. So when you write a resume to apply for a photography position, make sure that you do not put in any irrelevant information that has nothing to do with photography.

Here is how you can write a resume for a photographer position:


Photographer Resume Sample


William Allen

55 7th Street ● Wellston, OH 77895 ● (000) 914-7456 ● William.allen @ email . com


Performance Summary: Aesthetic-minded Photographer with a novel approach to photography comprehension with the view to developing a broad range of visual pieces to meet business and program objectives. Highly experienced in using advanced digital photography equipment to meet clients’ individual photography needs. Demonstrated ability to adjust apertures, shutter speeds and camera focus by considering subject motion and lighting. A methodical individual who is familiar with using traditional and digital cameras along with supporting equipment such as tripods and flash attachments. Determines picture composition by selecting and adjusting subjects and background properly.


• Equipment Testing• Composition Building• Image Enhancement
• Film Exposure• Retouching• Photofinishing
• Equipment Maintenance• Image Editing• Independent Shoots
• High Quality Shots• Catalog Descriptions• Photo Booth Setup


Lifetouch, Wellston, OH (5/2011 to Present)

• Introduce the concept of photo booths for children’s birthday parties, resulting in increased revenues for the organization
• Successfully shot a fashion show, receiving high accolades from the organizers
• Confer with clients to determine their photography needs and provide them with suggestions on backgrounds
• Schedule appointments with clients and ensure appropriate follow up
• Adjust photography equipment such as apertures, shutter speeds and camera focus in accordance to factors such as light and field depth
• Select and adjust subjects to ensure that desired effects are achieved
• Estimate and measure light levels and distances using measuring devices

ABA Inc, Wellston, OH (6/2007 to 5/2011)

• Suggested the use of demure lighting for a documentary shoot, the stills for which came out stunning, with one photograph winning the National Photography Award
• Retouched a 91 year old photograph by working on it for 3 months and producing results that enhanced the beauty of the background it was shot in
• Measured light levels and distances using measuring devices and preset formulas
• Captured shots according to program directives or clients’ specific instructions
• Developed and printed exposed film
• Managed touchup needs of each print
• Produced images in digital forms using flatbed scanners in photofinishing laboratories
• Ascertained that all cameras and related equipment are properly cleaned, maintained and stored

Assistant Photographer
Photographic Majors, Wellston, OH (1/2002 to 6/2007)

• Assisted in setting up cameras and related equipment such as tripods and flashes
• Provided support in creating compositions for photographs by ensuring that subjects were properly placed
• Arranged for props and costumes for specific photography projects
• Set up photo booths for children’s birthday, weddings and parties
• Assisted in capturing images and handling exposure methods for printing purposes
• Scanned images to create digital formats and ensured that they were properly stored
• Cleaned and maintained cameras and other related equipment to ensure their safety and long-term use

Wellston Photograph School, Wellston, OH – 2000
Bachelor’s Degree in Photography

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