Wedding Photographer Resume Sample

Updated on: August 7, 2021

A little bit of technology and some human antidote is what is going to make your photographer’s resume a successful one.

Where it was once so painstaking to create a neat resume – thanks to typewriter technology – it is now the easiest thing to do as you can easily delete and replace words and sentences.

Make good use of this technology to suit yourself.

Here is a sample to follow:

Wedding Photographer Resume Sample

Denver Troll
788 Falling Lane
Virginia Beach, VA 49021
(000) 411-5241
dentro @ email . com


A passion for capturing memories, photographing moments, and making people happy.

Performance Summary
Creative and aesthetically inclined Wedding Photographer with a track record of success creating permanent visuals for an exceptional range of wedding environments. Effectively determine clients’ specific wedding photography requirements and use an extensive range of technical equipment to cover wedding and related events for both stills and videography. A pleasant and dedicated individual who has an approachable attitude and exceptional people skills.

Equipment Owns
• Professional DSLR camera body and lenses
• Photography and backup gear
• Lighting/shading equipment

Core Photography Skills
• Digital Album Creation
• Proofs Preparation
• Picture Research
• Props Setting
• Digital Enhancement
• Portfolio Creation
• Light Manipulation
• Subject Composition
• Background Selection
• Special Shoots
• Photo Editing

• Successfully covered 4 weddings in one day, on a particularly busy schedule in May 2020.
• Streamlined the photographs processing procedures by introducing digital processing systems.
• Received accolades and an award for the Best Wedding Photographer in Virginia at the Wedding Photography Contest held in January 2021.
• Introduced the concept of digital enhancement to the facility, bringing in 35% more clients than before.


Wedding Photographer
American Wedding Group, Virginia Beach, VA
4/2017 – Present

• Confer with clients to decipher their wedding photography requirements
• Provide clients with choices on themes and backgrounds to complement their photoshoots
• Set and follow up on appointments, providing clients with reminders or keeping up with their schedules
• Develop or arrange for props and backgrounds and run them by clients for approval
• Digitally capture clients’ special wedding moments as part of event coverage endeavors
• Enhance images to ensure appropriate light and placement of subjects and process images according to standards
• Create digital albums by assisting clients in choosing the required number of processes photographs
• Perform preventative and general maintenance on photography and related equipment

Photography Assistant
George Street Photos, Virginia Beach, VA
8/2011 – 4/2018

• Set up photography equipment at wedding venues and ensured that cameras are properly calibrated
• Placed backdrops in appropriate locations and educated clients in the use of props
• Ascertained that appropriate light is available for each shot to be clear
• Assisted in processing and digitally enhancing photographs for digital albums
• Performed inventory of photography equipment and supplies to minimize chances of out of stock situations

Diploma of Photography and Photo Imaging – 2008
Community College, San Diego, CA

High School Diploma – 2006
Virginia Beach High School, Virginia Beach, VA

Current driver’s license