Underestimating the power of a well written cover letter for Photographer Resume can be the worst career move a candidate can make.

Due to lots of competition out there, a standard resume is simply not enough. You do need something to augment the impact of a resume and that is where cover letters come in. A cover letter must be compelling and well-structured to get a recruiter’s attention.

Look at the following sample which will guide you how to write a cover letter for a Photographer resume.


Photographer Cover Letter Example


Eva Gardener

91 Mullins County ✱ College Station, TX 55343
☏ (000) 555-6666 ✉ eva.gardner @ email . com

November 12, 2016

Mr. Jim Green
Hiring Manager
Faces Studio
7 Kemble Road
College Station, TX 96544


Dear Mr. Green:

As an imaginative and passionate photographer with 3-plus-year track record of success in fashion and nature photography, I am applying for Photographer position at Faces Studio. I believe the talents you seek are well-matched with my qualifications.

A photographer’s job is much more than taking just pictures – and I understand this quite well. I have an inherent ability to realize and capture compositions to show the world what the human eye can sometimes not see. From doing fashion photography to capturing the beautiful world that nature has given to man, I have done it all. Understanding that a photographer nowadays needs to have a technical hold on things, I am comfortable operating photography equipment and related software that are used to process quality photographs i.e. Photoshop, Bridge and InDesign. Owing to my passion, I work continuously to learn new things in order to make my work professional.

My work experience, credentials along with my enthusiasm for quality work will help me make an immediate and valuable contribution to Faces Studio. My online portfolio and samples of my work can be seen on my blog at [blog address].

I look forward to meeting with you, Mr. Green, an will give you a call the week of November 20th to follow up on this letter. Meanwhile, I will be available at (000) 555-6666.

Thank you for your time and consideration.



Eva Gardener

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