Photography Intern Job Description

Updated on: August 31, 2018

Position Overview

A photography intern is an individual who is just learning the ropes of photography. This individual may be hired to provide a photographer or a unit of photographers with assistance in handling assignments related to photography.

During an internship of this sort, an individual learns a lot about handling different types of photography sessions, and managing equipment related to it.

Photography Intern Qualifications

One does not need formal education to be considered for a photography intern position, but a high school diploma or a GED equivalent is necessary. However, if you do have a degree or other certification in photography, you will be able to understand the ins and outs of this work profoundly.

Working as an intern in this capacity is hard work, as you often have to work outdoors in the heat and the cold, and maybe on your feet for the entirety of the day. In this position, physical dexterity, and the ability to stay organized at all times is very important.

Since you will primarily work in an assistantship capacity, you will have to provide a lot of support to the photographer that you are assisting – and of course, you will get to learn a lot too!

If a career as a photographer is on the charts for you, and if you want to start from the very beginning, here is a list of duties that you can look through to see what a photography intern does on any typical day at work:

Photography Intern Duties & Responsibilities

• Take and understand orders regarding the day’s photography sessions, and ensure that any concerns are cleared before the start of the session.
• Listen to instructions about setting up photography equipment in the proper manner, and ensure that these instructions are followed thoroughly.
• Obtain photography equipment from the procurement manager, or storage areas, and set it up according to the provided instructions.
• Ensure that cameras and lights are in good working order, and are set in the right place, and at the right angles.
• Assist photographers by providing instructions to subjects to pose in specific manners that the photographer wants.
• Adjust lights and reflecting surfaces to meet the specific requirements of the shoot.
• Ensure that subjects are comfortable with their positions, by explaining the concepts of the theme to them.
• Assist photographers in touching up exposed films, and ensuring that they look aesthetically pleasing.
• Breakdown sets, and ensure that all photography equipment, objects, lights, and backgrounds are safely put away.