6 Freelance Photographer Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: March 3, 2022

Here are some possible interview questions and answers for the freelance photographer position. 

Freelance Photographer Interview Questions & Answers

1. Why did you choose to work as a freelance photographer, as opposed to being associated with an organization?

I have not limited myself to just one form of photography. I want to be able to handle fashion, corporate, event coverage, and still photography side by side. Working with just one organization threatens to limit me which is why I choose to work as a freelance photographer.

2. But doesn’t working on so many different projects weaken your focus?

On the contrary, working on different types of photography projects strengthens my focus. I am able to concentrate more on the subject at hand because I know I have to excel in it. Each project poses a challenge and since I am someone who thrives on challenges, working on different genres makes me more focused than if I had to work on one!

3. Why did you choose photography as a career?

I have always been creatively inclined. As a child, it was mental perception and the ability to hold a picture or a scene in my head for a long period of time and with great detail, that led me to believe that I wanted to do something which will allow me to capture images. Photography was the most natural thing to take up.

4. What technical skills do you possess that make you a good contender to be hired as a photographer on a per project basis?

I have a strong grounding in digital photography with extensive experience in using software such as Lightbloom, DigiArt, and Photoshop. I am able to set up and use advanced cameras and lenses and can handle both natural and artificial light to make my creativity come alive.

5. Do you think that each new photographer needs to work under the wing of a successful photographer for some time at least? Why or why not?

Apprenticeships are a great way of learning the ins and outs of photography. It is important to work under the supervision of a good photographer to learn the ropes. The theory is something that one can handle without problems. But when you are out in the field, experience and mentorship count for a lot!

6. How do you make sure that you always have updated equipment and software considering the expense and logistics?

Some part of what I earn from all my projects goes into funding my equipment and paying for new software licenses. And this is how both my equipment and software are constantly updated.