Sample Thank You Letter to Boss for Promotion

Updated on: November 21, 2021

Okay, so you are excited at being promoted to a position that you have worked hard for and can’t hide your excitement!

Great! You must have deserved it.

But don’t forget to thank the person who acknowledged your efforts and was responsible for making sure that you step a notch ahead at your workplace i.e. your employer or boss!

It is not only the fact that you are now in a better position – you must also have gained a salary raise which is always a great motivator. So you really do have a lot to be thankful for!

Be nice and write a thank you letter to your boss. Let him know that you appreciate the fact that he thought you were good enough for a promotion.

Make promises to do your best to live up to future expectations.

A thank you letter for promotion will always have an upbeat tone.

After all, you have to show your enthusiasm. While writing it, make sure that your bubbly personality shows through.

Make your thank you letter a promise of all the great things that you will do (professionally) in the future.

Below is an example of one such thank you letter:

Sample Thank You Letter to Boss for Promotion

November 21, 2021

Mr. Donald Cameron
Sales Director
Salgate Enterprises
78 Country Road D
Exeland, WI 55565

Dear Mr. Cameron:

It is with great gratitude that I write this letter to thank you for believing in me enough to promote me as  Sales Manager for Salgate Enterprises. I am humbled by the confidence that you have shown in my abilities to meet this company’s goals and work according to its mission.

Over the course of the 6 years, that I have been part of the company, I have worked diligently to maximize the revenue through effective sales techniques. There was no way that I could have accomplished it without your mentorship and guidance. The effort that my team put into achieving the last milestone was colossal, but it would have been much more difficult to obtain had it not been for you.

Please rest assured that I will work diligently in my new position and will exceed the sales goals assigned to me. I look forward to working under your supervision once again and gaining further insight into the sales and marketing tangents of the company.

Thank you once again for promoting me to this position and believing in my abilities so strongly.


Samara Logan