LinkedIn Recommendation Sample for Boss

Updated on: August 26, 2019

Since you can only choose if you want to display your LinkedIn recommendation on your profile – and not change or edit it – you need to make sure you get one that is just perfect for you.

Just as it is very difficult to write a recommendation for yourself, it is quite jarring to write one for a boss. Imagine!


Writing a recommendation for your employer! But it is something that is the norm nowadays, especially as far as LinkedIn recommendations go.

Serving as miniature letters of professional endorsement, LinkedIn recommendations are powerful tools that people can use to get jobs. When writing this kind of letter, you need to make sure that your words provide value to the person you are writing for.

There are specific ways in which a recommendation for a LinkedIn profile must be written. You need to specific yet descriptive. And you need to write a recommendation that is memorable – simply saying someone is a good worker is not enough; you have to say why a person is a good worker.

LinkedIn recommendations are written for people whom you know very well.


Since you have worked under the wing of your boss, you can easily write about how much you learned from him and how wonderful a supervisor he was.

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LinkedIn Recommendation Sample for Boss


It is rare that you come across a supervisor like Mr. Malcolm Rich. I have yet to work under the wing of a person who is a mentor than a boss.

Working with Mr. Malcolm has been a pure pleasure – I have learned all that I know about sales from him and he has been kind and patient with me during times when I could not live up to his expectations.

Mr. Malcolm replaced another supervisor and Yell Co. couldn’t have made a better decision. Since his induction, the company has seen more ups than downs – he is solely responsible for the 57% increase in sales and the 33% increase in clientele since the sales department was handed over to him.

Being one of the greatest motivators I have met, he is the “go-to person” when conflicts arise. He looks out for his team but is not one to draw attention to himself deliberately – his work does that for him. He has built a reputation as someone who has a broad vision and this vision is what will take a company places.

I recommend Mr. Malcolm highly as I know that he will never let anyone down.


Todd Turner

Sales Officer
Yell Co.