Explanation Letter for Leave without Medical Certificate

Updated on July 2, 2017

It is alright not to be able to attend work for a day or two if you are unwell, but it is not alright not to follow the rules that govern leaves and absences. If you have taken time off for a medical reason for instance, you have to provide your office with a medical certificate to prove that you were indeed too unwell to attend work.

In cases where you have been unable to provide a medical certificate, it is important that you provide an explanation. If you do not give an explanation of why a medical certificate has not been provided since you were absent from work due to a medical reason, you can expect repercussions from the human resource department of your organization. You may be investigated for possible fraud in taking a day off, or the company may dock your salary, depending on what their specific rules are. What could possibly stop you from providing a medical certificate? Well, maybe you weren’t unwell enough to visit a doctor, but took the day off anyway. Or you were too unwell to be able to approach your doctor.

Whatever your real reason is, you have to provide your boss (or whoever is in charge of this part of the work) with an explanation of why you haven’t provided a medical certificate. Here is a sample that you can base your explanation letter on:


Explanation Letter for Leave without Medical Certificate


July 2, 2017

Mr. Kenneth White
Human Resources Manager
Lewis Energy Group
321 6th Street
Watertown, SD 21975


Dear Mr. White:

This is with reference to the two days that I took off from work last week, due to a sudden bout of fever. While I am within my quota of leaves for this year, I was unable to provide you with a medical certificate that is required in case an employee takes a day off for medical purposes.

My fever took a turn for the worst which ended up in me being hospitalized for 16 hours. Since it was right after the holidays, my own doctor was away from the city, and the nurse on duty was not authorized to issue medical certificates. However, I was assured by her that I will receive the medical certificate in my mail 2 days after the doctor returns on duty.

I understand that the company requires this document in order to process my leave as part of the assigned quota, and I assure you that I will submit it as soon as I receive it. I apologize for this situation, hoping that similar circumstances will not transpire again. Thank you for understanding my predicament at this point.




Sharon Lee
Administrative Assistant
Lewis Energy Group
(00) 598-8012