Explanation Letter for Absence Due to Sickness

Updated on: June 12, 2023
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Sickness is something that is often not in our control. If you are sick, then going to work is pointless, especially if you have a condition that might be contagious.

Of course, if you are unwell, there is also no point in going to work since you won’t be able to do much work anyway!

However, it is imperative that you let your supervisor know that you won’t be coming in so that he or she can make other arrangements to handle a deadline.

In case you have already taken time off and did not get a chance to inform your workplace, you will need to write an explanation letter as soon as possible.

How to Write an Explanation Letter for Absence Due to Sickness?

An explanation letter will outline why you were unable to come to work, and what stopped you from informing your supervisor on the day that you were absent.

If possible, include a doctor’s note to authenticate what you write in the explanation letter.

An explanation letter of this type will need to possess an apologetic tone. It should clearly outline what happened and how you can make sure that a similar event will not occur again.

Here is a sample explanation letter for absence due to sickness:

Sample Explanation Letter for Absence Due to Sickness

June 12, 2023

Mr. Frank Mane
Human Resource Manager
Pure Organics
585 Wheat Road
Kaysville, UT 96960

Dear Mr. Mane:

I apologize for not being able to give you advanced notice about not coming to work on Monday. I realize that it is imperative for employees to inform the office if they are going to take an unscheduled leave so that work is not compromised.

Early Friday morning, I came down with a very high fever and extreme chills, which did not allow me to leave my bed until late in the afternoon. As you know, I live alone, and so I could not get anyone to inform the office that I won’t be coming in.

I sent an email to HR on Saturday morning, explaining my situation, but I understand that it will take one extra day for it to be forwarded to you. In fact, I realized that I should have forwarded/CC the email to you as well, but because of the fuzzy mind that I had due to being so sick, it completely skipped from my mind.

I will be reporting to work on Monday. I apologize for the inconvenience that this has caused the office and assure you that I will take extra measures to ensure that this is not repeated in the future.

Thank you for your understanding of my predicament.


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Simon Mill

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