Entry Level Video Game Designer Job Description & Duties

Updated on: June 2, 2020

An entry level video game designer is a recently graduated individual, who designs games and applications for different platforms.

The main work of an entry level video game designer is to collect information from various sources and ensure that the right types of games are created.

To work as an entry level game designer, one has to possess a degree in computer sciences or game design. Previous experience is not required since you will be applying for an entry level position.

Many people working at this position decide on the overall design and purpose of the game. Some may even specialize in one aspect of the design, such as storylines, character building, and layout.

Entry Level Video Game Designer Job Description and Duties

• Confer with clients and supervisors to determine their specific game design and development requirements

• Provide information on designs, themes, layouts, and characters

• Create initial design skeletons, and have them approved by the supervisor

• Provide game design and development timelines to clients

• Create innovative games for entertainment and educational purposes

• Develop plots, characters, and character costumes for new games

• Create rules and settings for each individual game

• Prototype new games and ensure that they are properly tested

• Determine the winning and losing methodologies, and game end and restart protocols

• Create excellent user interface visuals

• Design games for a range of devices, and platforms which are engaging

• Put together concept documents to convince supervisors that the game is worth developing

• Transform rough ideas into workable concepts

• Conduct market research in order to determine trends and competitive presence

• Work in collaboration with game developers, artists, and programmers in order to produce prototypes

• Test developed games in a real-time environment, and ensure that any bugs or problems are immediately resolved

• Devise missions, challenges, and puzzles that will be encountered during gameplay

• Make adjustments to game designs by taking and recording feedback from mock users, and supervisors

• Train mock users/testers to play the game, by telling them rules, protocols, and controls

• Ensure that game experiences meet original versions and client expectations

• Create storyboards and balance and adjust gameplay experiences

• Solicit feedback from design and technical staff members into original game design

Skills Requirements

An entry level video game designer needs to be exceptionally talented in the work.

The ability to develop game ideas and knowledge of experimenting with themes and genres is important in this work.

Equally important is to be able to develop maps, scenarios, and difficulty levels.

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