Hygiene Coordinator Job Description and Duties

Updated on: July 15, 2020

A hygiene coordinator’s main work is to provide assistance in a dental practice. Even though it seems that a hygiene coordinator only coordinates work so that hygienic practices are followed, there are many other duties that he or she has to perform.

A list of duties particular to the position of a hygiene coordinator is provided below:

Job Description and Duties for a Hygiene Coordinator

• Greet patients as they arrive at the practice and look into their appointment statuses.

• Provide information on free slots in order to adjust walk-in patients.

• Schedule appointments and follow up on them.

• Ensure that patients are seated in dentist chairs as soon as their appointment times arrive.

• Clean and sanitize the treatment room on a regular basis.

• Ensure that dental instruments and equipment are properly set up before treatment.

• Provide patients with information on processes that they will go through
• Advise on after-treatment care, as instructed by the dentist.

• Assist dentists by taking and processing dental x-rays and other images.

• Create and maintain a solid, confidential, and continuously updated filing and records system.

• Obtain payments from patients for services rendered, and tender receipts.

• Check insurance coverage information and handle copays and out of pocket expenses.

• Follow up with patients regarding outstanding insurance claims

• Record all financial transactions in the facility database.

• Follow up with patients in order to provide them with continuing care information.

• Perform marketing tasks such as asking registered patients for referrals.

• Ensure that the practice waiting areas remain clean and organized at all times.

• Review and update medical records and health history forms for each patient.

• Ensure the availability of instruments, supplies, and equipment for all dental procedures.

Hygiene Coordinator Educational Requirements

Working as a hygiene coordinator requires one to possess a high school diploma or a GED equivalent at the very least. Previous experience of working in a dental practice is considered a great brownie point.

Hygiene Coordinator Skills and Abilities

As far as skills go, one must know what specific hygiene and sanitizing practices need to be followed before patient treatment begins.

Since a hygiene coordinator is also required to handle other areas of dental practice such as patient scheduling and follow-up, and continuing care tasks, he or she needs to be excellent in all these areas.

To be considered eligible to work as a hygiene coordinator, one has to be the jack of all trades – and master of at least a few. This is important because patients’ health and wellbeing are at stake here.

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