6 Hygiene Coordinator Interview Questions and Answers

Updated on: July 15, 2020

A hygiene coordinator will only be hired if he or she knows how to handle hygiene practices within a dental practice.

The interview process for this position is often aimed at determining if the candidate is as sound as he or she says they are in their resume and cover letter.

Before you appear in a hygiene coordinator interview, make sure that you know the work inside out.

You should be able to answer questions regarding the work that you will be doing, as well as respond to situational questions.

What follows is a set of interview questions and answers for a hygiene coordinator position:

6 Common Interview Questions and Answers for Hygiene Coordinator 

1. As a hygiene coordinator, what duties have you performed in a previous role?

I have been working as a hygiene coordinator for over 3 years now. During this time, I have been managing hygiene practices within dental practices in order to ensure that patients receive the best services.

Specifically, my duties involved cleaning and sanitizing treatment rooms, sterilizing equipment and instruments, greeting and seating patients, and reviewing medical histories.

As far as the administrative end of the work is concerned, I have been scheduling appointments, handling follows ups, and accurately maintaining and updating patients’ records, amongst other duties.

2. What is your main skill as a hygiene coordinator?

I possess an amalgamation of skills that make it easy for me to perform my work effectively. One is my ability to multi-task, which greatly helps me in handling the different aspects of my work.

3. What different aspects have you worked in within a hygiene coordinator position?

Apart from ensuring that hygiene metrics of the dental practice are properly handled, I have managed patient services, administrative work, continuing care, financial tasks, and facility marketing.

4. What is your motivation to continue working as a hygiene coordinator?

I do my work well, and the end results push me to keep working to achieve the goals that have been set for me, as well as the ones that I have set for myself.

5. What is your take of working in a team environment?

Even though my work does not really allow me to work in a team environment, I believe that it is the single most important thing for any professional to be able to float well with team members.

6. What are your future plans as far as your work is concerned?

I am aiming to work in a supervisory capacity where I can train and oversee the work of hygiene coordinators in a multi dental practice facility.

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