Sample Memo to Keep the Office Clean

Updated December 26, 2022

In order to maintain the cleanliness and order of the office, it is a good idea to distribute a memo to office staff regarding the cleanliness of the office.

This is especially true these days to minimize the spread of COVID-19 and other infectious viruses.

By writing a small memo, your office will become a shining clean, and organized place in no time. Consequently, bringing you additional business and new clients as well.

The following sample memo will guide you in this regard. Feel free to customize this example as per your needs.


Sample Memo to Keep the Office Clean

December 26, 2022

All Staff of AAA Corporation

Dear Team Members:

I hope you all are well and enjoying your work at AAA Corporation. Since our inception, we are receiving positive feedback from clients because of our hard work and enthusiasm to perform our tasks in a customer service-oriented environment.

I, as a Managing Director of AAA Corporation, observed that cleanliness in our office is not up to the mark. I suggest all workers should perform the following actions in order to keep the office clean.

  1. Keep a handy dusting tool such as the Swiffer duster in your desk drawer and use it frequently to clean your work area.
  2. Always place a liner in your trash bin for quick emptying and disposal of trash.
  3. Put a canister of sterilized wipes in your office drawer or closet for quick cleanups of coffee spills.
  4. Regularly clean the mouthpiece of the office telephone.

Although cleanliness in the office is the duty of the cleaning staff, we have to recognize our responsibility for a clean and sanitized office environment. Please understand your responsibilities for the cleanliness of the office, which will be resulted in the fast growth of our company and, consequently, a high increment in salary.

Thank you all.

Sincere regards,

John Doe
Managing Director
AAA Company
33 Rose Street
Houston, TX 69888
(000) 124-1421

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