Sample Letter of Interest for MBA Admission

When applying for MBA admission at any business school, you need to submit a letter of intent statement describing your aspiration and career goals.

Statements of interest are prerequisites for most degree programs, as universities need to know what kind of a person is applying.

It also helps them to separate dedicated candidates of a program from the ones who may not fit in too well – thus accelerates the admission procedure.

A statement of interest needs to have some vital information which may include the applicant’s communication and organizational skills. It also needs to portray how an applicant sees himself in terms of eligibility for the program and knowledge of what she or he is applying for.

The statement of interest for MBA Admission should outline:

1. Reasons for wanting to pursue MBA Program
2. Future career goals
3. Skills and activities that have prepared them for success at the university including work or volunteer experience, professional development activities, personal study and interests
4. Explanations/documentation for any previous poor academic performance

Take a look at the following samples to make your statement of interest.


Statement of Interest for MBA Admission – Sample 1



May 4, 2018

Ms. Phoebe Darwin
Admissions Officer
University of Georgia
6412 Clairmont Avenue
Atlanta, GA 12827


Dear Ms. Darwin:

I am writing to apply for the Masters of Business Administration program at the University of Georgia January 2018 session. I believe that this program will be a solid step towards obtainment of my ambition in business and management. Having seen through the course outline in detail, I found a solid parity between what it offers and my interests in business and technology.

Last year, I obtained a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Atlanta University with a 3.1 GPA, and an award for my final year project, which was based on research and development work for United Machineries. Not only did I receive accolades for it but the subject of my project (United Machinery) asked for a quote for acquiring the research. Also, the company CEO insisted that I pay a visit to their production area once more which provided me with insight into business management as associated with research and development.

Having made the Dean’s list 3 times, I have been consistently favorite among my peers and instructors. After graduating from Atlanta University, I worked as an intern for ABC Company which helped me gain a deeper appreciation of business management processes and was deemed Intern of the Quarter because I added much value to both their marketing and management projects.

Both my academic and professional accomplishments confirm that I will be a credit to the University of Georgia as a student. With an exceptionally strong background in business processes and administration, I will require minimum oversight and will be able to provide the maximum output as far as exams and projects are concerned. Apart from relevant education and internship, I acted as a student leader while in college, and volunteered in other activities including working as a Green Peace activist and a volunteer at two local hospitals.

I am aware of the entrance examination procedures and have prepared well for it, anticipating that the process will be based on past entrance exams. All required documents, including previous transcripts, project outlines and reference letters from college instructors and supervisors are enclosed with this letter. If there are any other documents or information that you need to process my request for admission to your university, please feel free to contact me at (000) 744-1421.

Thank you for your time and consideration.




Adam Burns



Statement of Interest for MBA Admission – Sample 2



My interest in business administration stems from years of trying to understand the process that holds businesses together on different levels in and outside offices. I have a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration and would now like to build upon my knowledge to be able to decide my vocation.

I chose Maryland State University to do Master of Business Administration program as I believe that it offers the best combination of business and technology. While pursuing my education here, I intend to study at a level that will lead me directly to distinctions throughout the program.

This specialized field will assist me to work toward my vocation as a marketing person whom I believe plays a key role in any organization. I have heard that the job placement of the graduates of your university is guaranteed as the university teaches and polishes a student in such a manner that employers prefer to hiring a Maryland State University graduate.

The course content for the MBA program and the practical work involved combining to provide an ultimate opportunity for your students. I find that this course and the added flexibility in completing it covers three years is an added benefit and I would like to take advantage of it.

I aim to pass out as a top student from the Maryland State University and eventually work in an environment where I may pose as a representative of the university.

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