Statement of Interest for a Job Sample

Updated March 8, 2019

Some organizations may require candidates to write a statement of interest when applying for a job.

Mostly, the organization will provide you with details of what they are looking for in the statement of interest including why you want to work at a particular position or for the company, and what skills and strengths you would bring to the organization.

Statement of Interest Writing Tips

A statement of interest should be bewritten to generate interest!

It needs to show that you are interested in a particular area and should also interest the person reading it in meeting you in person.

A statement of interest may be a little like a cover letter but it provides a more precise view of what you have done in the past, that makes you a great contender for a project or a position in the near future.

Your statement of interest needs to strong and incredibly clear. Do not begin your statement with phrases such as I have always loved XYZ…

You need to clearly state why you are interested in a particular field and how you intend to make a difference.

In the main body of the statement of interest, try not to be wordy. Instead of using lots of small prepositional phrases, use quantitative sentences to get your point across.

In the end, quickly wrap up your explanation of your interest and highlight any accomplishments that you can bank on.

Here is a sample statement of interest for an administrative assistant position:

Sample Statement of Interest for a Job 

After 3 years of experience working as an administrative assistant at one of the leading organizations working towards minimizing damage to the environment – Green Peace – I want to now contribute more by being associated with a project that is profoundly focused on environmental problems. In the midst of the last project that I provided administrative assistance to, I learned much more than administrative work.

In fact, the impact of working with people committed to a cause and the associated work duties made me who I am now – an administrative professional with great focus and organization. My love for the environment began when I was a preteen – the first time I planted a tree. I was fortunate enough to be guided by a teacher who took her class on nature trips and showed us all what beauty we are surrounded by – and developed our interest in maintaining this beauty for its own sake and that of ours.

My interest in working for the Green Earth project stems primarily from my love of nature and all that it stands for. Many people have asked me why I am not providing the benefit of my expertise in a corporate setting that will offer increased financial benefits to me. The answer is that anyone with my expertise in administrative support can prove great things in the corporate world – but not many with my expertise can prove great things in an area that will guarantee a living planet for our future generations.

In deciding to work for Project Green Earth, I have been influenced by the way your research and outreach programs address global warming and pollution issues. I am particularly looking forward to providing research and administrative input in both these areas as I am confident that my skills in doing so are unmatched.

I have been corresponding with Mr. Jim Kirk, presently working as a research assistant for the project, and it would be a great pleasure to work with a team that reflects the vast knowledge about global environmental issues and resolutions – just as Mr. Kirk edicts.

I believe that once a part of Project Green Earth, I will be able to contribute effectively and learn from the challenges that the project provides, and end up in a more profound position to serve.

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