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Updated on: December 26, 2022

Writing a cover letter that not only catches the employer’s attention but also holds useful information is a bit difficult task.

Flowery language may interest an employer’s eye – but the content has to be strong enough to win an interview.

Recruiters usually look for people who have spark and passion – resumes might not have the capacity to show this; compelling cover letters do!

How to Write a Compelling Cover Letter?

Cover letters provide you with an opportunity to tell a story, and most people love reading stories – yes! Recruiters too!

Tell a short and light story. Tell what you have done and where you have been as this tells a lot about your qualifications, personality, and what you are capable of doing.

Cover letters are marketing tools that possess the power to convince the employer and sell your skills.

Use this tool to its optimum; by writing in your accomplishments and how these accomplishments can help the company, you are applying to.

It is a good idea to put in exact numbers and figures that depict what you have done in a previous position as this shows them your capabilities.

10 Don’ts of a Compelling Cover Letter 

Writing a compelling cover letter is not a problem if you keep the following 10 Don’t in mind:

  1. Do not overuse “I”
  2. Do not mention salary expectations
  3. Do not omit your top selling points
  4. Do not make it too long – three paragraphs are enough
  5. Do not duplicate your resume
  6. Do not be vague
  7. Do not forget to customize
  8. Do not end in a passive note
  9. Do not be rude – end with a polite goodbye and thank you
  10. Do not forget to sign the letter

Remember to keep this list in front of you when you are writing a cover letter, and you will not only write a compelling one but one that gets you results!

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