Letter of Interest for Job Opening within Current Company

Updated on: June 23, 2022

Hiring an employee from within the company is a lot better than looking for someone from external sources (hiring agencies and through job adverts).

People who are already working in your organization are familiar with the office culture and company policies and often need minimal training.

You are in luck if you have stumbled upon such an opportunity, where you can move up the career ladder within the same company that you are presently working in.

Moving from job to job can be mentally stressful, which is why many people opt to stay within the same company – unless there is a problem.

If an opportunity has arisen that you can take advantage of, do not let it go. Write a letter of interest to the human resource manager to show that you are both interested and capable of working at the role that has opened up.

Tell the hiring manager why you believe that you are a great contender to work here. And what makes you a better one than the one the company may hire from an external source.

Sell yourself by marketing your abilities and qualifications for the job.

Here is a sample that you can use:

Letter of Interest for Job Opening within Current Company

Tina Logan
Administrative Assistant
Rebel Technologies
Tel: (333) 333-3333
Ext: 123

May 4, 2018

Mr. Danny Cooper
Hiring Manager
Rebel Technologies
128 N 3 E
Salt Lake City, UT 49525

Dear Mr. Cooper:

I recently found out that Rebel Technologies is presently in search of an Office Manager for its new branch at Cale Road. As an administrative assistant with over 5 years of dedicated experience at the same company (main office at 128 N 3 E), I am positive that hiring me will be a good decision.

If you look through my file, you will see that I made the most of my stamina to contribute to our company’s success, and the outcome of my substitution was quite positive. From my peers and supervisors, you will find out that I am well-organized, meticulous and a great multitasker, with exceptional skills in creating and maintaining filing systems, and handling office correspondence.

It is now time for me to move up the career ladder and I believe that it is the perfect opportunity for me to show my mettle, and for you to hire someone who will need minimal training resources.

It would be a pleasure to meet with you in person and articulate my abilities further. I will be in touch with you soon so that this can be made possible.


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Tina Logan
Administrative Assistant