25 Best Resume Opening Statement Examples

Updated: October 5, 2022

The opening statement is the most important part of your resume. It creates your first impression on the reader and sets the tone for the rest of your resume.

Here are some helpful tips in this regard:

1. An excellent resume opening calls for a summary of your skills, a few adjectives to describe your work style, and act as a snapshot of your capabilities.
2. Write a unique resume opening for each time you apply, tailoring the statement according to the recruiter’s priorities.
3. If you have relevant experience in the field, don’t forget to showcase that.

Here are 25 best opening statements examples for resumes:

25 Best Opening Statement Examples for Resumes

Executive Assistant

1. Organized and methodical executive assistant bringing 5+ years of experience in providing comprehensive support to senior management, keeping track of appointments, and noting meeting minutes.

Bus Driver

2. Highly cautious and punctual bus driver with class A CDL, an expert in route navigation through GPS usage. Bilingual: English and French with excellent interpersonal skills and in-depth knowledge of nearby areas and road conditions.

Warehouse Manager

3. Dynamic and organized Warehouse Manager seeking a similar role to Garry’s. Bringing expertise in shift management, equipment maintenance, and shipment tracking. Strong team player with excellent communication skills.

Registered Nurse

4. Reliable and attentive Registered Nurse, apt at taking and recording patient symptoms, eager to apply care to patients in a hospice setting, offering strong interpersonal and rapport-building skills.

Community Support Worker

5. Empathetic and sociable community support worker, knowledgeable of various mental health disorders and associated care protocols. Exceptional skills in implementing treatment plans and liaising with medical health professionals regarding patients’ progress.


6. Seasoned and skilled electrician, an expert in installation and repair of various electronic devices, offering strong communication skills and profound ability to interpret building blueprints, repair and replace electric fittings, and well versed in maintenance of electronics.

Landscape Worker

7. Industrious and passionate landscape worker with profound aesthetic sense bringing a decade of experience in maintaining fences, installing artificial turf, and keeping trees and flowerbeds. Apt at using powered and manual equipment as needed.


8. Highly organized driver with a genuine passion for traveling bringing profound ability to chalk out economical routes for holiday traveling, seeking a bus driver position with Adventure Travels. Class A CDL holder with strong navigation skills.


9. Prospective and resourceful individual with active listening skills seeking work as an online CSR with Yale Enterprises; highly sociable personality with strong communication talent, an expert at record keeping and following up customer complaints and queries.

School Bus Dispatcher

10. Meticulous and detail-oriented School bus dispatcher, effective at keeping up tight schedules. Strong GPS navigation and route planning skills, track record of maintaining 5-star customer feedback on basis of customer-oriented service.

Nail Technician

11. Professional Nail Technician, skilled in performing nails and hand rejuvenation treatments. Offering incomparable skills in nail extensions, polishing, and buffing. Bilingual: English and Spanish.

Data Analyst

12. Logical and systematic Data Analyst with 6+ years of experience in database management, data prediction, and modeling. Proven skills in converting data into actionable and productive insights with a track record of enhancing profit returns.


13. Systematic and seasoned Architect who is an expert in blueprint designing and implementation, facelift planning, and beam calculations. Well-versed in AutoCAD and Adobe suite, highly knowledgeable of laws applicable to construction within the USA.


14. Highly focused and courteous Housekeeper with great attention to detail, skilled in room service, washroom cleaning, and disinfection. Familiar with and compliant with applicable OSHA hygiene standards.

Pharmacy Technician

15. Reliable and thoroughly certified Pharmacy technician bringing 6+ years of experience in dispensing prescribed medicines, generating bills, and processing insurance claims. Strong team player with excellent verbal and written communication skills.

Mail Carrier

16. Industrious, organized, and punctual Mail carrier with a decade of experience. Well-versed in mail collection, stamp canceling, and delivery to correct addresses. Track record of meeting tight delivery deadlines in the most efficient and professional manner.

Delivery Truck Driver

17. Dexterous and agile delivery truck driver, familiar with local routes apt at using the GPS navigation system. Skilled in using forklifts and pallet jacks for loading and unloading trucks. Known for punctuality and courteous demeanor.


18. Agile and competent Food server poised to make a difference in the food service industry. Offering matchless skills in guest greeting, suggestive ordering, order taking, and meal assembly.


19. Customer service-oriented hospitality professional with 5 years of experience as a Hotel manager. Dynamic team player with a track record of meeting and exceeding guest expectations; well versed in booking rooms, providing services, and enhancing clientele through referrals and PR.


20. Dexterous and agile plumbing expert with exceptional skills in pipe fitting and blueprint understanding. Trained in the repair and replacement of water heating systems. Apt at installation, service, and maintenance of plumbing system. Compliance with applicable OSHA safety protocols.

Retail Sales Associate

21. Successful Retail sales associate with a track record of significant revenue generation through lead follow-up. Excellent social skills with a special knack for creating strategic displays for upselling of products.

Home Health Aide

22. Certified and experienced Home Health Aide, specializing in senior care, knowledgeable of various medical care techniques, capable of providing empathetic patient care in the home and hospital settings.

Package Handler

23. Vigilant Warehouse package handler trained in scanning, packaging, weighing, and loading fragile packages. Familiar with the usage of packet jacks and forklifts for loading and unloading. Skilled in GPS tracking and inventory management.

Data Entry Operator

24. Accurate and attentive data entry operator with typing speed of 10wpm, an expert in coding and transcription, offering acquired professional acumen in favor of XYZ company.

Content Writer

25. Innovative and outgoing Content creator with proven skills in generating engaging content offering unique expertise in graphic designing. Skills include digital marketing, social media promotions, and SEO.

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