Leave Application for Wife Admitted to Hospital

Updated January 21, 2023

It is a difficult thing to see your wife admitted to the hospital. Because of this issue, you will need to figure out a way to take a day off from work to be with her. A leave application is required here.

When writing a leave application to inform your supervisor about the situation, make sure you use the right words.

An element of sympathy is required in such a situation. And that can only come about if you tell the supervisor what your actual situation is.

For starters, explain why you need the day or days off. Then, elaborate on the situation.

Tell the supervisor why your wife is admitted to the hospital, detailing the issue.

And finally, highlight why you need to be there.

If at all possible, tell the supervisor how you will make up for lost time or missed deadlines.

Let us give you an application sample for this situation:

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Sample Leave Application for Wife Admitted to Hospital

Charles Princeton
Administrative Assistant
Simon’s Concrete Solutions
(000) 521-5151

January 21, 2023

Mr. Justin Reaper
Human Resources Manager
Simon’s Concrete Solutions
300 Enid Road
Portland, OR11212

Dear Mr. Reaper:

I am writing to apply for a leave, starting today till the end of this week. I understand that I am working on an important project, but the situation is beyond my control.

My wife was admitted to the hospital last night, following a debilitating flare that left her almost unable to move. As you are aware, she has Systemic Lupus, which was under control for many months until last night. I believe that the change in weather has something to do with it as the city has been experiencing intense heat for the past few weeks.

Her doctor has asked her to remain under observation for 3 days, and since we don’t have family in the city, I am the only one who can provide her with support. Also, running back and forth for errands such as tests and procedures will require me to be by her side until another arrangement can be made.

I would appreciate it if you approve my leave for this week. If possible, I will come in for a couple of hours as many times as I can – or even work weekends if required.

Thank you for understanding my situation, and being sensitive toward it.


Charles Princeton

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