Warning Letter for Absence Without Notice

Updated on: June 17, 2020
Warning Letter for Absence without Notice

There may come a time when you have no choice but to write a warning letter to your employee who has taken advantage of your niceness – like being absent without notice too many times.

If such a situation has transpired only once, you can easily overlook it – especially in the face of the employee explaining what kept him or her from contacting you.

But if it has happened too many times or for an extended period, you will have to send in a warning.

Unfortunately, being harsh in the workplace is not something all of us can do. We write “unfortunately” because being strict is essential in certain situations.

And if you are an employer who attaches an “awwww” to all of your employees’ problems, you may have difficulty in keeping them under control.

So the next time an employee tries to take advantage of you by not informing you about his absence, let go of the niceness and bring in some needed nastiness – not to be taken literally of course!

Warning letters need to be written with some dignity – you may be angry at what the employee has done.

But, on the other hand, there is no way that you can take out your anger by being too nasty. Lay the facts as they are and give a warning. Your job is done!

Let us give you a little help by providing you with a sample warning letter for absence without notice:

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Sample Warning Letter for Absence without Notice


Donna Parker
Marketing Manager
Redstone Brans
789 Pollock Street
Pine, AZ 55871

June 17, 2020

Ms. Jessica Dayton
Marketing Officer
Redstone Brands
958 Colben Street
Pine, AZ 22881


Dear Ms. Dayton:

Please note that you have been absent from work on many occasions in the previous three months. The management has been lenient until now since you always provided notice. However, the past couple of times that you have been absent, we have not received any intimation from you regarding your reason for not coming in. As you are aware, you are required to notify us of your inability to come to work before your shift, so that other arrangements can be made.

The last three months have been busy ones for the marketing department of Redstone Brands and the absence of even one member of the marketing team can spell disaster since our ability to meet our marketing targets goes down considerably.

Please consider this as the formal warning regarding your un-notified absences. If in the future, you intend to take time off, you will need to consult with Mr. Abraham Gosh (Manager Human Resources) to determine your leaves eligibility.

If you do not intend to return to work, please contact me immediately and let me know. If you do not respond to this letter within five days of its receipt, we will have no choice but to assume that you have abandoned your employment, and do not intend to return to work.



Donna Parker
Tel: (222) 222-2222
Email: donna @ email . com

CC: HR Department

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