Internship Certificate Sample

Updated on: April 1, 2022

Internship certificates can be written in two ways.

You can either write a simple one with four to six lines and have it printed on card paper or write a somewhat detailed one that may span the length of half of an A4 page.

It actually depends on how much detail you want to provide about the intern who has completed an internship program at your company.

The contents of an internship certificate are also dependent on how much information you want to give out.

You can just provide dates and briefly chart out details of the internship program or you may want to provide information on what an intern has learned during the program.

Many employers like putting in more information in an internship certificate as the information eventually helps an individual out with future employment options.

However, since certificates usually have limited space, one has to confine oneself to the space provided.

An internship certificate should contain information about why an internship program was initiated, who attended it, the dates attended, and some information on the intern’s conduct.

You must make sure not to put in too much information on the intern’s character as that will deem it a character certificate rather than an internship one.

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When writing an internship certificate, be sure to put in only the necessary information. Have a look at this sample:

Internship Certificate Example

April 1, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

This is to certify that Ms. Gloria Mannings has successfully completed her Marketing Internship at Hallmark Supplies. The internship program commenced on June 5 and ended on September 4 (three months duration).

At the completion of this internship, Ms. Mannings became conversant with the following areas of marketing pertaining to the retail industry:

• Working in a social media marketing environment
• Holistic marketing concepts and product philosophy
• Meeting consumer needs by following organizational goals
• Evolution of the retail industry

This internship certificate is being presented to Ms. Mannings following a detailed examination to test the concepts taught to her during the course of the three-month internship program and her ability to apply them in a real-time environment.


(Director Marketing)