Business School Recommendation Letter Sample

Updated on: April 18, 2022

Students applying for an educational program in a school need to ensure that they possess the qualities that a school looks for in a candidate.

But how would you expect the school to know that you have talent?

You will get a recommendation letter from an authority at your place of work or a school that you are attending of course!

Recommendation letters hold the key to easy admission and provide institutes with valuable information on a candidate’s ability to perform academically, socially, and personally.

Let us take a look at what a business school recommendation letter will look like in this sample below.

Sample Recommendation Letter Sample for Business School

April 18, 2022

To Whom It May Concern

I would like to take this opportunity to recommend Emily Hurst for Harvard Business School’s business graduate program starting in January 2023. From the very beginning, I have had an inkling of her interest in business education and it gives me immense pleasure to know that she is pursuing her dream.

It goes without saying that Emily has a remarkable talent in both marketing and management. Working for Amway Inc. for over a year now, she is continuously looking out for both investment and business opportunities and her business ideas are far from crude. She has always been passionate about customer services, and it will be safe to say that we have acquired a considerable increase in our customer base since she joined our organization last year!

We have asked Emily to hold a number of positions at Amway Inc. as is our policy so that we can find out each worker’s aptitude and fit them in what role befits them the best, and we were quite surprised (and pleased!) that she has been able to manage all functions with accuracy, professionalism and in a proactive manner. She is a quick study and a fantastic team leader as she understands the need for teamwork more than anyone else at our office.

Over the months, I have seen Emily grow professionally. She was quite proactive when soliciting work or business when she joined the company but now she is a tigress! Her communication skills have helped us much with customer service, and her responsible attitude has been commended by customers, peers, and coworkers alike.

During the time that Emily has worked for Amway Inc., she has been involved in several social projects the benefit of which we have received as a company as well. I am positive that she must have had her share of personal problems and hiccups but never once did she bring any of her problems to work. We have taken considerable benefit from her management skills by delegating training sessions to her and needless to say; she has aced every task given to her.

It makes me sad to lose such a valuable member of our company, but I am pleased that she has decided to study further as by not doing so she will deprive the world of a great marketer and manager. I recommend her for your business program as I believe in her ability to be a top student. Amway Inc. will always have a place for her after her graduation.

Truly yours,

John Davidson
Manager Human Resources
Amway Inc.
(000) 444-4444