Timeshare Sales Resume Sample

Updated on: November 3, 2021

Choosing the timeshare sales resume format that fits your goals and the specific situation is important to its success.

What goes where in a resume is definitely not a “one size fits all” consideration.

Getting your point across using powerful language is important.

And knowing exactly where each piece of information goes is equally so. Want to know how to do this?

This is how:

Timeshare Sales Resume Example

Reginald Mason
11 Spring Street
Swanton, VT 05488
(000) 901-2514
regmas @ email . com


Energetic and hardworking timeshares sales representative, with extensive experience in marketing and selling timeshares to clients. Demonstrated ability to respond to queries regarding properties and location amenities, and create and follow up on strong leads to effectively build a solid client database. Established trust with prospective owners and actual owners throughout the sales process. An approachable and friendly individual, known throughout the community as being helpful and welcoming.


• Client Building• Sales Presentation
• Strategy Formulation• Closings Timeliness
• Commercial Timeshares• Client Interaction
• Cold Calling• DND Lists
• Accurate Processing• Purchase Summary Completion
• Appointments Scheduling• Sales Script Development

• Singlehandedly created a directory of 3000 possible leads for timeshare selling, 70% of which materialized into business giving clients.
• Minimized rescission decisions by effectively monitoring contract processing procedures.
• Successfully developed and gave a presentation on all possible timeshare opportunities within the state at the National Real Estate Conference.
• First person to create a sales gallery and model (virtual) tour of available timeshare properties within the State of Vermont.


Timeshare Sales Representative
Marriot Vacations, Swanton, VT
11/2013 – Present
• Interview owners and prospective owners to determine their specific requirements for selling/buying timeshare properties
• Create and follow up on strong leads to convert them into business-giving clientele
• Provide information regarding pricing and payment options for clients looking for timeshare properties
• Perform cold calling activities to create leads and ensure that DND lists are respected
• Develop contracts for timeshare properties and ensure that contract processing is monitored properly
• Run clients through listed properties and/or provide them with virtual tours of their desired properties
• Explain features, advantages, and benefits of products and advocate the appropriate amount of points in a bid to accommodate prospective owners
• Develop and improve upon sales scripts and give presentations at real estate conferences and seminars

Timeshare Sales Assistant
Vermont Properties, Swanton, VT
2/2010 – 11/2013
• Performed cold calling duties and identifying solid leads for follow up purposes
• Assisted in developing timeshare properties index and updated it on a constant basis
• Performed market research work to locate new timeshare properties available in a set vicinity
• Interviewed clients to determine their specific timeshare buying and selling requirements and created correlating notes
• Answered telephones to provide information on the company’s services and available timeshare options

High School Diploma
Swanton High School, Swanton, VT – 2009