Timeshare Sales Cover Letter Sample

Updated on: November 11, 2016

You may have the most attractive of personalities on the planet but if you don’t showcase it nicely in a cover letter, it is a lost cause! Bringing personality to your job application is one of the primary jobs of a cover letter. Well-written cover letters suggest that you are open to new ideas, are results-driven, and if you are the people person that an employer is looking for. For most employers, employee turnover is a big headache – and to make sure that they do not have to deal with it on a constant basis, they like hiring people with “personality”.

A cover letter is like a personality test – hiring managers judge you for not only your skills and knowledge, but how well your personal attributes let you fit into their company. Demonstrating that you are indeed a perfect match for the hiring manager’s requirements is the essence of a cover letter – everything else is secondary. Communication skills are also judged quite harshly through a cover letter which is all the more reason for you to write a cover letter that “talks” to the employer.

Action closes are what will hit the last nail in the coffin – in a manner of positivity. Here is how to do this:


Timeshare Sales Cover Letter Sample


965 East Street
Burlington, VT 11887

November 11, 2016

Mr. Archibald Weatherbee
Hiring Manager
Marriot Vacations
4588 Westminster Road
Burlington, VT 11887


Dear Mr. Weatherbee:

I have been working as a timeshare sales executive for over 5 years now, and have been highly successful in satisfying my clients, by providing them with exactly what they need in order to meet their timeshare property demands. Bringing forth my skills and experience in property timeshare, I would like offer my services to Marriot Vacations.

Over the years, my positive and enthusiastic attitude, and my ability handle work independently have prepared me well to take new challenged. I excel in the following areas:

• Using a consultative approach when presenting timeshare properties to prospective owners
• Establishing trust with owners and prospective owners throughout the course of the sales process
• Explaining features, advantages and benefits of timeshare properties in a profound manner
• Closing sales processes by ensuring that all required paperwork and documents are properly signed and notarized

My resume speaks volumes of my abilities in a timeshare sales executive position. I am willing to build up on it by providing you with further insight into what my capabilities are. I will call you soon. Until then, I can be contacted at (000) 999-8547.



Veronica Lodge

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