Timeshare Sales Job Description, Duties, and Responsibilities

Updated September 1, 2022
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Position Overview

A timeshare sales executive or representative is an individual who provides buying and selling support to clients looking for timeshare property solutions.

They interview clients (owners and prospective owners) to determine their specific requirements for buying timeshare properties and then develop plans to meet these requirements.

Establishing trust with prospective owners and owners throughout the sales process, and ensuring that they are satisfied is the main concern of a timeshare sales executive.

Position Requirements and Eligibility Criteria

A high school diploma or a GED equivalent is usually sufficient to work as a timeshare sales executive.

However, if you have some exposure to selling property (in any capacity), you will be considered a great contender for this position.

A “go-getter” attitude and the ability to communicate with people effectively are necessary to possess while working in this role.

Furthermore, it is imperative to manage time effectively and handle large-scale presentations on a regular basis.

Additionally, timeshare sales representatives need to maintain current awareness of the property market so that they are ready to answer questions posed to them.

Establishing trust with owners and prospective owners is important in this work – discovering the needs of prospective owners through multi-layered questions is an absolute necessity in this work.

Here is what you will be doing on any particular day at work:

Timeshare Sales Duties, Tasks, Roles, and Responsibilities

• Interview clients (both owners and prospective owners) to determine their specific timeshare property needs.
• Respond to inquiries regarding available timeshare properties, their locations and features, and benefits.
• Develop referrals or/and leads through client contact and cold calling activities and perform regular follow-up activities.
• Fulfil clients’ requests regarding property pricing, property maps, descriptions, and network information.
• Develop strategically layered questions to determine each client’s specific requirements.
• Schedule appointments with prospective clients and create and deliver timeshare property presentations to them.
• Provide clients with information on fixed ownership plans, factual ownership, and point-based plans.
• Conduct and manage business transactions by thoroughly reviewing loan applications and financial documents.
• Formulate strategies to analyze problems and overcome timeshare management problems.
• Complete purchase summary worksheets and develop plans to minimize cancellations and provide comprehensive owner assurances.
• Explain the features, advantages, and benefits of properties and advocate an appropriate amount of points to accommodate both owners and prospective owners.
• Provide clients with information on financing options and assist them in obtaining them.
• Create timeshare contracts and monitor them to minimize rescission decisions and ensure the timeliness of closings.
• Ensure that all correlating paperwork and documentation are completed within the provided timeline.